EF-M 32mm f/1.4 -- Old Cats & Baby Snakes (PICS)

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EF-M 32mm f/1.4 -- Old Cats & Baby Snakes (PICS)

32mm - Mauii with a pink bandage and fluid drip on his arm

I hope people don't mind me posting a third thread with images in as many days but I'm actually behind in getting out some shots from the "newish" EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM lens.  I've had some great new examples from the lens that might be of interest.
Sadly, our older cat Mauii was losing his balance lately and lost a lot of weight very suddenly.  He was lethargic but eating and drinking ravenously.  Then his voice changed and he was unable to walk with a normal gait.  Ascending and even descending the stairs became tedious and difficult for him.  We were watching him closely and after the loss of 1.6 kilos in just two weeks we took him to the vet.  They diagnosed him as being diabetic and the cause was certainly not his lean kangaroo meat diet.  It was genetic - due in part to his old age at 84 years (17 human years) and because one of his grandparents was a Burmese.  Both of these reasons are contributing factors that triggered his diabetes.  We eventually took him home and tested his blood every few hours for a week.  We've finally stabilized his blood sugars with two insulin injections daily.  He never complains.  And the spring in his step has returned.  He's no longer thirsty and sleeping beside his water bowl.  It's possible to reverse diabetes in cats (unlike with dogs) so we remain hopeful that with stabilizing his blood sugars, he may yet go into remission.
Mauii is a Second Generation Australian Burmilla.  In fact, when we bought him as a kitten, his breed wasn't even recognized and was referred to as "experimental" at the time.  His parents were the first purebred Australian Burmilla cats.  I think we paid the registered breeder a few hundred dollars back in 2002.  To buy one like him today would cost $4.5K or higher... though i would likely only buy rescue cats in the future.  Mauii's been with us since my wife moved here and he's an important and well loved member of our family.  We're fortunate to be able to help him with his newly diagnosed diabetes and he may have a few good years left in him.  Australian Burmilla Cats can live up to 25+ human years.  Burmese cats are now known to be predisposed to diabetes.  This was something we didn't know before.  The vet staff loved having him there because he's so incredibly friendly and never bites or scratches.  It's a shame that all this treatment came at such a high cost.  Looks like my dreams of a big telescope are going back on hold again.

32mm - Mauii wondering why he has to visit the vet.

32mm - waiting for blood tests

32mm - getting weighed before his first insulin injection.  They shaved his neck and legs.

32mm - my wife Rena picking up Mauii to take him home again.

On the way home from dropping Mauii into the vet, we stopped at the local pet store to buy new ant-proof feed bowls for our cats.  The pet store had a LOT of baby hatchling snakes for sale.  I think our state only allowed the sale and breeding of snakes around 2013.   Many of them were so tiny that I almost struggled to see them in their tanks.  Most were only a little longer (and considerably thinner) than a pencil.  I'd love to have some but it's a big responsibility and fraught with the risk of them eating out cats if they ever get out.  All of these Australian snakes grow to modest or even massive sizes.  They often eat cats and dogs up north.  I'm just happy to photograph them in the wild and let them go again - so I think I'll pass on buying a snake for the moment.  Below are some images taken in the pet store that evening taken with the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM lens.  All of these pictures were taken through glass. Shot in JPEG as usual (for me).
Using the 32mm lens was easy in the store.  I had it clipped to my belt with a Peak Design mount and simply held it to the glass.  The snake tanks were dimly lit so you can see how effective the bright lens was under these conditions.  I used the Magnify Feature to focus accurately on the slitted pupils of the snakes eyes - although I also took some shots without doing this and they still came out quite clear.

32mm - A medium sized carpet python for sale.  Eye was the AF target.

32mm - A tiny Albino Children's Python Hatchling - as thin as a pencil. So tiny!

32mm - The eyes were the AF target.  This Baby Snake's head was only 9mm wide.

32mm  - Baby Bearded Dragons posing (they thought I was about to feed them).

32mm - An incredibly rare Albino Murray River Turtle named 'Luna' - swimming

32mm - A large Jungle Python ready to shed.  Some light reflecting on the glass below.

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