A visit to the Casino.

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A visit to the Casino.

Was near the new MGM Grand Casino in Springfield, MA and grabbed a few shots with my M9 and Voigtlander f1.5 50mm Nokton. This MGM is a little unique because they had to reuse the facades from the old Springfield buildings they were replacing. All are ooc jpegs.

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Bill S.
“We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole.”
– Henri Cartier-Bresson -

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Re: A visit to the Casino.

Bill, you didn't waste any time with purchasing the M and going out and shoot with it!

How do you like the camera so far?

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Re: A visit to the Casino.

Springfield desparately needs this to work well/

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John aka bosjohn21

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