Kingfisher model poses

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Denjw Veteran Member • Posts: 6,418
Kingfisher model poses

nicely for me and even brought its own green screen!:-O

My usual haunt for kingfishers, the billabong is very dry/overgrown and only stagnant water left due to a 2 year drought in my region.

So I ventured some 40km to another location where I had seen them regularly. Its a creek which becomes a arm of an inland lake.

After waiting for about and hour a couple appeared across the other side of the creek. By this time the light had deteriorated and my side of the bank was now in shade. Then suddenly one flew up to a perch right near me.  It proceeded to change position on the same perch a good period of time enabling me to capture some nice shots.

The green background is actually the creek water which is very low and hardly running with green algae in it.

First capture is at ISO 6400 as I was in my BIF mode with auto ISO when the bird arrived

Switched to my normal static bird mode with set ISO 400

Switched to Pro Capture mode hoping to get a take off shot but bird ended taking off directly away from me and none of the images were worth showing. Auto ISO 3200


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Paul Auclair
Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 5,349
Re: Kingfisher model poses

Nice Dennis.

All of my Custom modes are set to ISO 400.

I dabbled a wee bit with Auto ISO w/ the mk2 but there were a few times the camera chose too wrong.

I revisited Auto ISO with the 1X and it appears I may be able to use Auto ISO a lot more if I require it.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

Lichtspiel Senior Member • Posts: 1,897
Re: Kingfisher model poses

Wonderful model, perfect images. I am amazed at how much detail is kept at 6400 (and 3200 as well).

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sanjaykool Senior Member • Posts: 1,082
Re: Kingfisher model poses

Lovely series TFS - Sanjay

cangopluto Senior Member • Posts: 1,352
Re: Kingfisher model poses

A beauty  - and superbly captured.

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joeletx Senior Member • Posts: 2,756
Re: Kingfisher model poses

All great shots with beautiful color. By far, these are your best yet.

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Trevor Carpenter
Trevor Carpenter Forum Pro • Posts: 16,102
Re: Kingfisher model poses

Very good, must be nice to have one sit still for you.

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Recent and not so recent pictures here

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Messier Object Veteran Member • Posts: 8,651
Re: Kingfisher model poses

Wonderful images Dennis. Your patience was rewarded.

the 2nd last is my favourite - back to camera showing that beautiful azure

I’ve never had an Azure KF fly up to me like that. I find they have a wide exclusion zone and will head to the other bank rather than let me get more than a brief flash of colour and maybe if I’m lucky one good shot - I’m not a Kingfisher Whisperer 

Sad about your billabong, it’s been such a great place for your birds for a long time.


19andrew47 Forum Pro • Posts: 34,283
Re: Kingfisher model poses

A wonderfully done set Dennis.


nzmacro Forum Pro • Posts: 16,633
Beautiful shots Den

Got some great poses there and looking at the larger views, fine feathering details. Gorgeous KF shots.

Man, you need some moving water by the sounds of it Den. Makes for a nice B/G, but gees, moving water is not something we lack here.

All the best over there and yeah, fantastic detailed KF shots.


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