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Re: Jupiter-8 2.0/50 on Sony A6000

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The f-number used on the Jupiter-8 2.0/50, Jupiter-3 1,5/50 and Carl Zeiss Ultron 1.8/50 is not shown on your photos. Are these all taken at maximum aperture, or at f/2.0?

How do you rate these 3 lenses, I assume the Ultron has the best resolution but how about in terms of the overall rendering? How good is the Jupiter-8 compared to the Jupiter-3, at f/2.0 and f/2.8?

I am afraid that I can't give you aperture levels for the shots as I rarely recorded that information. I will say that most of the shots posted were taken wide open or close to it. That was my habit until last year when I started forcing myself to try different things. The maple syrup shot, for example, was taken at 5.6. Between the three lenses you pointed out I would rate them 1. Ultron 2. J-8 and 3. J-3, although if I were primarily a portrait shooter the two Jupiters would likely be reversed. The J-8 and J-3 are so close from f/2 on that unless you need the f/1.5 speed the J-3 isn't worth the extra cost.

Today I have sold off the Ultron (replaced by a Zenitar M 1.7/50) and the J-3 (replaced by a pre-war Zeiss Jena 1.5/50 Sonnar). The J-8 used then has been superceded by a 1951 model with Schott glass.

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Fig tree

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This is one of my 50's that I didn't have a readily available image for.  Took this today along the Truckee.  A little bit of PP on an OOC jpeg.  Challenging lighting.  Shot wide open.

The not so intrepid mallard.  OM 50mm f1.4 MC   Shot at f1.4

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Hi, everyone:

Took these in the Carmel area with the little Nikkor and Fuji X-E1. Amazing that one can find these lenses in like new condition down to the original factory packaging.

Mission Ranch @ f/2.8:

This one is at Pebble Beach along the 17 mile scenic drive. It is a stunning beautiful area full of wild life. The tiny island is crowded with seals and birds.



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Nikkor, Zuiko, Pentax A ...

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Re: Nikkor, Zuiko, Pentax A ...

Nice set - I like the variety too.

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