7dmk2 in 2019?

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Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

I got burned once buying used and it cost me 4,000.00$ (a used Sea-Doo that engine failed after one month) so I promised myself not to buy used anymore although a used camera cost much less than that. And I had paid this ski 4,000.00$...

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Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

trulandphoto wrote:

I've been deciding how to get some extra reach and speed to complement my 5DIII bodies. Lenses didn't really work due to cost and bulk.

I decided on a used 7DII after considering newer XXD and Rebel bodies.

Crop DSLR bodies I've owned (and sold) are 1DIII, 7D, 80D, 70D, 60D, 50D, 30D and SL1. I'm hoping the 7DII will be what I'm looking for.

As long as you understand and accept its limitations, it can be a satisfying DSLR to use.

It isn't a camera where you can under-expose ISO 100 by 4 stops and get ISO-1600-like results, although the character of noise is very fine and random compared to many other cameras.

At high ISOs, it's visibly as good (when normalized for subject; not for the pixels) as the 5D4 when you would have to crop the 5D4 1.6x, and better than a 1.6x crop from all the other Canon FF cameras except the 1Dx series. It has more high-ISO noise, though, than something like the Nikon D500 which has a great sensor except for its annoying lack of an AA filter.

It doesn't have great f/8 AF; it's only good for center-point with relatively stationary objects with good contrast and simple scene depth near the AF points. The lack of better f/8 AF vision and more f/8 AF points is the sore spot with the camera that makes me wish for a 7D3; the 7D2 was in development just a few moths too early, IMO, to get the better f/8 AF that it should have had.

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Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

trulandphoto wrote:

benjilafouine wrote:

I looked for one also on ebay but they seem to be selling at 2/3 of the price of new, but used.

The one I picked up was less than 1/2 of new but a lot of unknowns. Seller is a camera store with a 30 day return, though, so it's not a big risk.

I guess I lucked out. The body looks like new and has less than 25,000 shutter count according to the mac app. Seems to function well.

Maybe bargain price was due to no box, strap, or original charger and the LP-E6 is on its last legs. But I've got plenty of Canon batteries and chargers and I use OP/TECH straps.

Not bad for US $669.

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Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

I do not think canceling a camera would save them money or is in their best interest. maybe delay it release by a year, spending less on R and D or plan to extend the life of the camera another year to recoup sales. Also consider the option of combining the 80D and 7D mark II replacements into 1 (both are due or over due for a refresh) but why put out 2 bodies that are close in specs,also  reduced R and D, increases sales of that camera

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Bob Markey II Contributing Member • Posts: 684
Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

I've decided to return to the 1D series and am selling my 9+ 7D II, grip, four newish batteries, dual charger, all accessories and packaging.

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John Sheehy Forum Pro • Posts: 22,183
Re: 7dmk2 in 2019?

Bob Markey II wrote:

I've decided to return to the 1D series and am selling my 9+ 7D II, grip, four newish batteries, dual charger, all accessories and packaging.

What does "return to the 1D series" mean? That's pretty vague. What model(s)? Do you already own them or plan to buy them?

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