Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

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Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

If you see the mirrorless party 2018 video they mask the bit where it state the F-Stop

If it is just F4 it will be too wide for it, and no reason to ever to mask it..

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TN Args
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Re: Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

Dan Bracaglia said it's a f/2.8, here, but I bet he simply got overexcited and misreported.

The length of the tape doesn't tell you much: a tiny short piece might have been prone to falling off!


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Re: Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

I don't think size has much to do with it. Look at some of Sigma's lenses (i.e. the new 40mm f1.4 Art, which is like 50% heavier and much bigger than the 50mm f1.4 Art).

If it's based on the Leica 24-90mm design, but just extended, then I guess it could be f2.8-4. Maybe they aren't sure whether to make it a constant f4 or make it f2.8-4. I guess they could be testing it more, before they decide what to do with it. I can imagine they would rather make a constant f4 lens that shows as having spectacular wide-angle capability, rather than one that gets low ratings, because if sub-standard f2.8 image quality at the wide end. The slightly wider aperture at the wide end is probably not that much of a big deal for a lot of people, but offering low-quality images at the wide end could really hurt its reputation. They might be trying to improve the image quality at the wide end with the aperture set at f2.8, and if they are successful they will make it f2.8-4, rather than f4 all the way. If they don't succeed by the time they're ready to start production, then they may just decide to make it a constant f4 lens.

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David Kieltyka
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Re: Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

I saw a YouTube video last week with a guy using a pre-production sample of this lens. I freeze-framed on a closeup of the lens…the aperture value was blacked out. Dunno how old the lens was but the video itself was recent.


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Bassman2003 Senior Member • Posts: 1,763
Re: Panasonic 24-105mm .. could it be F2.8-F4?!

I would not doubt it as it seemed they were a little coy about this lens.

I will not be buying if it turns the Panasonic direction though as my muscle memory is in the Oly/Canon direction.  Never understood why Panasonic chose this direction when they are so strong in video.  All of the pro video world turns in the Canon direction.

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