3-Axis Gimbal with *FULL* Nikon compatibility

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Re: New firmware is out for Moza Air 2

robertfel wrote:



Edit: I figured it out, I was plugging into the USB-C port which is used for firmware update. I had to plug into USB mini Cam Control port on the plate under the camera. Yes, focus works now, I haven't tried other features. Luckily I had a USB mini to USB-C adapter.

Can you confirm whether the HDMI port is active with the camera connected to the gimbal vs USB? None of this works for me unless I can still record 10-bit out of the HDMI port.

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Re: New firmware is out for Moza Air 2

Yes, I connected to Ninja V via HDMI while controlling the focus on gimbal wheel via USB.
Works fine.

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Re: I just tried,

AirStream wrote:

dantastical wrote:

The Ronin S can rack focus using the wheel via USB without the focus motor, although connecting the gimbal to the camera stops the cameras Hdmi out.

So no external recording if controlling via the gimbal? That makes the filmmaker's kit kind of dead weight.

The filmmaker's kit uses the moza air 2 gimbal (which I don't have but I guess works with external recording), this problem is with the Ronin S

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Re: I just tried,

This far, usb focus is shown to work on d800, d850, z6 and z7.

As far as i know, the usb protocol is the same for older d5xxx cameras as well as d7xxx. Could someone confirm if usb focus works on any of these cameras?

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Re: I just tried,

Do I understand you have two cables between the camera and the gimbal. Since the cable pull changes as the camera moves, do you see any effect on stabilization?

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Re: 3-Axis Gimbal with *FULL* Nikon compatibility

You are 100% right. Had I known it, I’d get Sony. No reviewers ever mentioned these, for moviemakers important, detail!

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