Guide to create DCP Colour Profiles for DXO PhotoLab, Lightroom and Photoshop

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Guide to create DCP Colour Profiles for DXO PhotoLab, Lightroom and Photoshop

Note: I have posted this in other DPReview sub-forums, but thought others in this forum may benefit.

I know others have probably posted similar, but I wrote this guide for anyone that needed further info:


Download Adobe DNG Converter here:

Install DNGConverter_11_1.exe

Download ColorChecker Camera Calibration software here:

Install ColorCheckerPassportSetup, and select Desktop ColorChecker Passport when prompted.

Goto the DPReview Studio shot comparison page:

Select the Required Camera from the drop down list.
Select RAW and the lowest ISO.
Rightclick the blue RAW link, then Leftclick "Save target as" and save the RAW image.

Run Adobe DNG Converter, then convert the downloaded RAW image to DNG.

Run ColorChecker Passport, then Drag&Drop the DNG file into the window.
Click Create Profile, then save the DCP file to the default directory.
Note: the default directory is usually \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles

Run Lightroom or Photoshop, and select the DCP profile in the Color Profile Browser.


If you are using DXO PhotoLab, copy the DCP file to the following directory:


Then in DXO PhotoLab, select the images you wish to process, then goto the Customize Window.
Select Color Rendering, choose Catagory - DCP profile, Rendering - the required camera DCP, Intensity = 100
Export as required.


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