Problems with SP-810UZ and SP-815UZ

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Problems with SP-810UZ and SP-815UZ

Ok so I'm new here and hope some of you seasoned photogs can help.
I've had my 815 for several years and loved it, but over the years it's developed what I've been told is a lens error, refusing to focus at times and instead just shutting itself off.
So, I bought an 810 secondhand, and though the manual says I should be able to use either digital zoom or fine zoom in the iAuto shooting mode, when I try to turn on either, I get the message "Conflicting settings".
When trying to use digital zoom, I've ensured that fine zoom wasn't on (It won't set to on either), and that Super Macro is not On.
When trying to use fine zoom, I've ensured that digital zoom wasn't on, Super Macro wasn't on, and the image size was set to 8M or lower.
I don't intend to use "Fine Zoom" anyway, but I want to know why neither works when the manual says they should. Is there some other setting that I am missing that differs that much from the 815?
I should specify that I have almost exclusively used my 815 to take pics of the full moon (wonderfully!) and lightning storms here in tornado alley, Southeast Kansas. Until recently, I've never been disappointed, and hoped that the 810 would be close enough to my 815 to satiate me until I find a suitable replacement...
Any help or advice you could give is appreciated, but I need it quickly, because I will send the  810 back if it is in fact, defective in some way.

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