My images are capturing dark

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Re: My images are capturing dark

Michael Fryd wrote:

tdwesbo wrote:

BAK wrote:

or not, as the case may be.

Or is the idea to start off setting the camera using manual methods, incorrect on purpose?


Seems like if the image is two stops too dark, then adding two stops of shutter speed (since continuous lighting is in use) would take care of that. I think we're assuming the OP is letting the camera determine exposure, so switching to manual would simplify the whole issue.

Or perhaps not...

The issue with simply increasing the shutter speed by two stops is that the highlights will be blown out. If you look at the reflections of the lights in the cookie cutters you can see that they are quite bright.

Now it may be acceptable to blow these out, but the photographer should be aware and make a conscious choice. Other possible solutions are to process the raw data differently, or change the configuration of the lights.

OP never raised the highlight issue but this thread seems to imply they did.

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Re: My images are capturing dark

tdwesbo wrote:


OP never raised the highlight issue but this thread seems to imply they did.

The reason that blown highlights have been brought up is that the obvious way of addressing the dark image will result in blown highlights.


The OP's primary complaint was that the out-of-camera images were darker than he expected. He did not mention a highlight issue, but that's expected as he does not currently have that issue.

From his responses it appears the OP's issue was that he was letting the camera meter off a white target instead of a grey target.

Metering off a grey card will lighten up the images, but will likely result in blown highlights. We don't whether or not those blown highlights would be a problem for the OP.

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