X-H1 Distance Scale in hiding

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X-H1 Distance Scale in hiding

Hi all
I recently purchased an X-H1 as my second camera. A backup for when the light gets low and those times I really, really don't want to carry a tripod. It's been great. Really low shutter speeds on my primes and the 16-55 in gloomy woods.
However. I cannot, for love nor money get a distance scale to appear on the EVF. I got it to appear on the LCD, but it steadfastly refuses to show itself when I lift it to my eye. I currently have all my viewfinder settings ticked in as close a way as possible to my X-T2 (which doesn't have this problem), but i'm getting nothing.  Tried several lenses, including the 16mm and 14mm with their manual focus activation, but no.
I know it's not the end of the world, but I've gotten used to having a rough guide to dof or knowing where my infinity is. And i'd just like to know why it's not showing. I hate not knowing how parts of my camera work. Should I reset perhaps? Is there something maybe clashing with it in the settings?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise i'm really enjoying most of this camera... (the "Q" button placement and battery life are perhaps the only other things so far that have caused me to frown).

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Doug Pardee
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Re: X-H1 Distance Scale in hiding

Do you maybe have it set for LARGE INDICATORS MODE (EVF)?

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Re: X-H1 Distance Scale in hiding

Aw Thanks, Doug! The answer is as ever staring one right in the face. It's like looking for a particular kitchen utensil in a drawer, only you can't see it because it's facing a different way to normal, and you've looked at it several times, but STILL can't see it. Much laughter.
I would totally hug you right now. 2 seconds looking and all is well in my universe.
Have a great day!

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