Kipon Macro Adapter Nikon F to Sony E adapter?

Started Sep 13, 2018 | Discussions
Chester McCheeserton Regular Member • Posts: 101
Kipon Macro Adapter Nikon F to Sony E adapter?

Has anyone used one of these with the Helicoid tube to mount a nikon F mount lens to a Sony E mount full frame camera?  I can't seem to find any reviews anywhere.

The idea of extending the focus closer is very appealing, (I'd be using a 50 mm nikkor 1.8 pancake) but if the adapter has play in it on either end it will bug me.  Am tempted to just get a Rayqual or Novaflex for piece of mind but lose the closer focusing ability.

on ebay there's also the fotodiox, fotofox, and a couple different no name brands with the close focus function for nearly 1/4 of the price....interested if anyone's had direct experience with those in nikon to sony too..

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