Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording Locked

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Re: Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording

What's poor to you?

I'm getting easily 1200-1500 shots with the Z7 and still have a bar left on the battery.

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Re: Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording

Battery life is not an issue. I use to bring 3 spares with me, but I never really needed to swap out the battery. I can easily get over 2000 photos using a mixture of single shot and continue high when shooting stage productions or sports.  Even when shooting video it is much better than expected. I got over 500 photos and shot several videos at a party over a 5hr period. I had about 30% battery life left. First time using the camera at an event so I did a lot of reviewing. I’m not sure why the battery life is rated so low, but in real use it is much higher.

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Re: Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording

Amvis wrote:

I am a recent owner of a Nikon Z6. Never had an issue with battery life with my previous Nikon cameras, but I find the battery life in the Z6 is poor.

amvis's one comment ever, was to  reopen a 6 month old thread with 1 random statement, then never returned.

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Since Amvis is not interested in answers

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