Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter

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Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter

I've been an enthusiastic ES-1 user for digitizing slides, and was happy to see the new adapter set with provision for digitizing negatives with a "designed for the purpose" film strip holder. I ordered it when it showed up in stock at B&H, only to be somewhat disappointed that the new set is designed only to work with the 60mm FF Micro lenses (the f/2.8G or the f/2.8D) for FF (or the 40mm f/2.8G for DX), and NOT the 55mm f/2.8 Micro that the ES-1 was designed to work with. (For those who, like me, didn't look at the specs closely, now you know.)

Though the 55 f/2.8 has the same 52mm filter ring as the new ES-2, the ES-2 lacks sufficient "travel" to put the slide or film far enough from the lens to focus on it. All it would have taken is a male-to-female straight 52mm tube of the right length to fit between the lens and the new ES-2 slide/film holder to make it work. Probably would have cost a few cents and made a lot of 55 f/2.8 users happy. A shameful omission on Nikon's part.

Having the ES-1 to compare, I figured out the additional distance I would have to add between the 55 f/2.8 and the ES-2 in order for it to work. I then started searching for a product I could use to span this gap. At first, finding no such "52mm to 52mm" extenders searching through B&H's website, I put together a collection of filter adapter rings, both step-up rings and step-down rings, which would all thread into each other and hopefully add enough distance to make the new rig work with the old lens. Then, since I had to wait for B&H's blackout period on ordering anyway (Friday night to Saturday night), I did a broader web search and (happily) came up with a more eloquent solution.

Ironically, the product I found was related to the need to push the slide further from the lens for digitizing with the old ES-1 adapter with DX cameras, since otherwise they would "crop" the slide you were trying to digitize. What I found were 52mm male-to-female extension rings in four sizes (thicknesses): 5mm, 7mm, 14mm, and 28mm. Based on the size difference between the slide/film plane and the lens, I ordered one 7mm ring and one 14mm ring. The 28mm was too much and might have created the opposite issue (slide/film too far from the lens, reducing magnification).

Found these at Amazon, sold by "Photo Plus." They ship from Hong Kong, so it does take some time, but this is a far more esthetic solution than the conglomeration of step-up and step-down rings I was going to use (which probably would have ended up looking like a diseased male organ), and less expensive to boot. Got them today (ordered 8-11), and it worked like a charm. Used both rings and can focus perfectly on the slides/film now.

Nikon should at least offer their own extension ring as an ES-2 accessory. Even if they don't want to include it in the ES-2 kit, they could sell them as an accessory for crap sake. They shouldn't make this nice new film digitizer incompatible with one of their best micro lenses by cheaping out on the accessory pieces (which are plastic and would cost mere pennies).

The extension rings I got were aluminum/anodized black, so they're nice and rigid and make for a good "package" with the PK-13 extension tube, 55 f/2.8 Micro, and ES-2. For those of you who didn't order the ES-2 because you refused to buy something incompatible with your older 55mm f/2.8, or who did order it (unaware) and found yourself in the same quandary, you have your solution.

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Re: Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter

Is there any benefit into using the Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter over using slide scanners such as this one from Kodak ?

I have a bunch of slides that I need to scan and I am wondering what is the most cost/quality effective approach.

I will be purchasing a Nikon Z6 soon and wondering if the addition of the Nikon 60mm lens + the ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter  is really worth it.

Thanks for your input on the matter.


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Re: Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter

PK24X36NOW wrote:

the new set is designed **only** **to work with the 60mm FF Micro lenses (the f/2.8G or the f/2.8D) for FF (or the 40mm f/2.8G for DX),

If it works for 60mm/2.8D, it should also work for 60mm/2.8 without D.

At first, finding no such "52mm to 52mm" extenders searching through B&H's website,

Nikon had this some decades ago, in an extension ring set called 'K'. K4 and K5 are 52mm to 52mm tubes. K4 is 10mm extension and K5 is 20mm exstension.
The K-ring-set, in combination with reversring BR-2 and adapter ring BR-3, was Nikon's lego-bricks for closeups and lens adapting entusiasts.

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