'Professionalism' in the videography business

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'Professionalism' in the videography business

Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me out with an issue. We hired a professional photographer & videographer who worked as a team to cover my sister's wedding events. We received the full video yesterday and to our surprise, it is riddled with sudden camera movements, blurry shots and content of irrelevance. Much of the footage is also completely missing. The standard of work presented to us prior to contracting was of high professional quality and editing. Howvwe, my sister's wedding video was anything but "professional". My question is whether there is a quality or standard of control for photographers and videographers that market themselves as "professional"? If not, how can a client challenge their professionalism because the idea of presenting professional work is always expected but is never stated specifically in a written contract.

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Re: 'Professionalism' in the videography business

You need to be talking to lawyers not photographers

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Re: 'Professionalism' in the videography business

You may get more helpful replies if you post in the 'open' forum.  (Your question is technically 'off topic' here.)

I suggest you also say:

- Where you are (consumer protection and contract law vary around the globe);

- what the contract says;

- What the videographer said when you told them you are dissatisfied.

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