'Sevens' theme for aviation enthusiasts

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Dutch Newchurch
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'Sevens' theme for aviation enthusiasts

Seven challenges on an aviation theme. A new one each fortnight.

Models and photoshopography are encouraged.

You may include people in the photograph - but consider their relevance - a pilot or engineer is good; a blurred spectator at an airshow is probably less good.

Fighters! - 19 June 2018

The fighter is designed to intercept and destroy other aircraft in the air. It may be jet or propeller powered. (Note that biplanes and triplanes have a separate challenge coming up, so only monoplane fighters will be allowed in this challenge.)

Heavy bombers - 3 July

Four engines or more, built to travel deep into enemy territory to cause destruction on the ground.
Fortresses, Lancasters, Vulcans and many others.

Airliners - 17 July

Airliners are aircraft used to carry passengers.
Early examples like the Electra, DC-3 and Ju 52, 20th-century classics like Concorde and modern examples from Bombardier, Boeing, and Airbus.

Biplanes, triplanes, etc - 31 July

This challenge is for manned, fixed-wing, heavier-than-air craft that are not monoplanes.
Examples include the Fokker Dr.1, the Sopwith Triplane, the Bristol Fighter, Fairey Swordfish, Pitts Special…

Helicopters, etc - 14 August

The theme for this is manned helicopters, autogyros, tiltrotors, and gyrocopters. Any craft that flies, with a human on board, and is held up with a rotor. (Unmanned drones will be disqualified.)
Examples include the Chinnook, the Wallis Autogyro, and the Bell Boeing Osprey.

Gliders - 28 August

This is for photographs of manned, heavier than air fixed wing unpowered aircraft. Powered gliders will be allowed, if airborne and gliding.

Lighter than air - 11 September

Photographs of crewed airships (blimps and dirigibles) and balloons.
As photoshop is allowed, I’m hoping for some shots of Zeppelins, as well as hot air and helium balloons.  Manned balloons, not toy balloons!

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Re: 'Sevens' theme for aviation enthusiasts

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