An excellent MFT camera body

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Humansvillian Senior Member • Posts: 2,532
An excellent MFT camera body

I've owned the PL1, PL3, PL6, and P3, and this M10 is by far the most capable and best camera body in the Olympus MFT series of any earlier model I've owned.

The M10 has wheels on top of the camera that can be set to program shutter speed and aperture.

There is a usable, high definition, viewfinder on the M10, if you want to use it.

There is a built in flash.

It uses all the same batteries as the PL series, and the current M10 III.

It has an easy to use WiFi connection for loading photos to your smart phone.

It has blazing fast auto focus, using  the current 16mp sensor that Olympus uses in all my the flagship Pen 4 and OMD-M1 II models.

The three axis stabilization is in the body, and is better than the previous two axis systems.  This camera can take hand held star shots at midnight using a kit lens.  The newer five axis stabilization systems are even better, but the M10 system is extremely capable in its own right.  This camera is capable of taking sharp one second hand held exposures in low light.  How much stabilization, do you really need?

The best part is this capable camera body, can usually be bought for about two hundred dollars or so.

How much will the lenses cost, you'll put on it?

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Ken Croft Senior Member • Posts: 1,739
Re: An excellent MFT camera body

The sensor in the E-M10 is NOT the same as in the E-M1 mk 2.

revio Senior Member • Posts: 1,836
Re: An excellent MFT camera body

Ken Croft wrote:

The sensor in the E-M10 is NOT the same as in the E-M1 mk 2.

I think he mis-wrote that sentence, that he meant to say "all Olympus micro 4/3 system cameras except the Pen F and E-M1 Mark II" has the (same) 16 mp sensor.

(Even all the 16 mp sensors are most probably not *exactly* the same, either, for what it is worth...)

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Aim & Frame

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M_digicapt Senior Member • Posts: 3,008
Re: An excellent MFT camera body

Ken Croft wrote:

The sensor in the E-M10 is NOT the same as in the E-M1 mk 2.

Also while the S-AF is decent, the C-AF is not very good.

I'm very happy with mine, though.

Englishman in France Senior Member • Posts: 1,529
Re: An excellent MFT camera body

The original e-m10 also has less plastic than the later versions making it feel nicer in my opinion.  I would have to upgrade to a e-m5 or a pen F to get a similar feel in Olympus' newer small camera bodies.

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