Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

Great thread, many thanks to everyone for input

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

sullivanrp wrote:

Sounds like a solid set-up. Currently have a relative traveling in Italy with a 24-105 and 35mm 1.4 (canon) and is loving the pairing. The 24-105 does seem to be the travel lens of choice. I can't deal with the stock issues of it for sony, though, and the tamron is cheaper and has the extra stop which I will use more often outside of this singular trip.

Let me know how Italy goes!

The 24-105mm lens is getting so much positive reviews and reactions from users. I really don’t like the rendering of that lens, sharpness is not on the same level as the 24-70mm GM and Tamron 28-75. Oh yes its versatile but is that what matters most?

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

PWPhotography wrote:

16-35mm f4 and Tamron 28-75 should be great setup, Rokinon 35mm 1.4 if take evening photos hand-held.

I went to exact the same cities (except wine tour) a few years ago with A7r, 5D III, EF 24-70L/2.8 II, EF 70-200L/4.0 IS, FE 35/2.8 ZA and FE 55/1.8 ZA then. Carried two sets in daytime then returned hotels, left 5D III there and only carried A7r with tripod for evening photos.

Love all these three cities, very romantic

Personally I will still carry two cameras as it's a hassle for me to swap lenses. Now FE 16-35 GM (or EF 24-70L/2.8 II, one of them) on A7r III, FE 70-200G (or Batis 135 for lighter/smaller option) on A7r II (or A9), FE 55, Canon 17L TS-E swap in when needed.

After these months now I consolidate into two cameras - A7r III and A9.

Travel lens setup - FE 16-35 GM, Tamron FE 28-75, Batis 135. Collected bunch of prime lenses that need to carefully select a few to complement zoom for each trip - CV 12/5.6, Loxia 21, Loxia 35, FE 55/1.8 ZA (possess long ago), Loxia 85, may add the newly announced e-mount CV 50/1.2 by this year. In some trips will also carry FE 100-400 GM or FE 70-200 G (or GM).

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

I am going to Tokyo at the end of this month.
My setup : Sony A9 + mc11+canon 50L +Sigma 135 + PZ16-50. I can put all of my equipments into Thinktank turnstyle 10. It weight around 4kg.
Lets see the results.

ps I leave my canon 16-35f4 and 85gm at home. I am planning to use my mate 20x as well.

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Re: Europe Trip Photographs - Sony A7R III with 28mm F2

sullivanrp wrote:

Final note/disclaimer: Know the trip you're taking, and set your expectations accordingly. This was my first big trip with my fiance. Not a photography trip. If it were, I would have likely brought more gear or at least my 16-35 instead of the 28. I very intentionally chose a small, light lens that could fit in a small sling bag. I carried my camera on my shoulder every single day, all-day, and didn't notice it. That was the goal.

I'm sure your fiancee appreciated that this trip was shared with her and the camera. :).

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

jrfarrar wrote:

Browsed this thread right before I left for Hanoi and Beijing. I was in a similar position and also wanted to take some of my manual converted lenses. First, I'm glad I didn't. The 24-105 almost never came off the camera. I only carried it and the 16-35 in my small shoulder bag. I did pop on the 16-35 a few times but less than I thought I would. However I find myself a bit more of a street shooter than buildings and architecture. The 105 seemed to give me that quick reach at times where I wanted to capture a scene or person quickly. It was just there. The 16-35 went on inside buildings mostly. I also tend to like to isolate things. So I think this one is a little more of personal choice in shots. I love both lenses and couldn't imagine a better pair. I was using my new a7iii and the low light capability of this camera made night shots a non issue with the f4. Previous to it i used my a7.

At any rate thanks for the thread. It was an interesting read.

Have the same setup, 16-35gm for wide, night shots and astro. 24-105 for everything else and videos. Such a good combination.

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