Color consistency vs. Night Shift and brightness selection.

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Color consistency vs. Night Shift and brightness selection.

I use an MBP for photo editing. Of course, the monitor is calibrated/profiled. Most of the time, I use an externam monitor, but somethimes I like to lean back and just work with the laptop.

Of course, I want consistent results and there are 2 "enemies":

- adjusted brightness: I often decrease/increase brightness. Calibration was done with a certain brightness, so I am "off" when I adjust the screen brightess. Full brightess was not what I used during calibration, but I adjusted brightess to the measurements of the software/device.

- Night Shift: I really like Night Shift, which changes the color temperature (warmer at night). I found it's better to work with adjusted temperature when working for hours (typing,...). But: this messes with color reproduction. If I forget to turn Night Shift off, I could get into trouble.

So, how did I solve this?

Night Shift: easy one. There's an app for that and even free: I am assisting the developer with localization to "pay" for it. Shifty allows you to set Night Shift to "Disable for Lightroom/Photoshop/...". So, I can work with warmer colors in my text editor and as soon as I switch to Lightroom, the screen returns to the "normal" (=calibrated) state.

Brightness: this was messier. Initially, I created a script that replicated the keys pressed to increase brightness (press more brightness for 20 times, then 2 down). Didn't like it too much.

But now I use a script that allows me to set the precise brightness (which should be the one you used while calibrating). For me: 80%. So, I want 80% brightness when I start Lightroom/Photoshop/... I have automatic brightness turned off (still didn't manage to access that one via script, I want to disable automatic brightness when launching Lightroom and enable it when closing it). So, for now, automatic brightness off.

The script (High Sierra tested):

tell application "System Preferences"

reveal anchor "displaysDisplayTab" of pane id ""

tell application "System Events"

delay 1

set value of slider 1 of group 2 of tab group 1 of window 1 of process "System Preferences" to 0.8

end tell


end tell

This sets brightess to 80% (0.8). So, I just need to launch this script when I start Lightroom/Photoshop/... Many ways to do that, but I use Keyboard Maestro for that. So, in Keyboard Maestro I create a "macro" that says: "When Lightroom activates, execute this AppleScript". So, if decrease/increase brightness, as soon as I get back to LR, brightness is reset to 80%. Always! (Use the script before calibration to set an EXACT brightness value!). So, editing is consistent.

Hope this is useful.

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