Wow... cheap but good !

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imrryr3859 Forum Member • Posts: 83
Wow... cheap but good !

another jewel in the M4/3 world.

this is not the best telezoom ever made, but at this price point, it's a real bargain.

lightweight & sharp enought , for someone like me who have just occasional needs in telephoto, it's a real gem.

excellent at 40 to 70mm, very good to 100mm and after that, it still good but you have to close you're aperture by at least one stop.

4.5 stars because the price point is so good... back in 1986 when i start photography, nothing like this ( at this focal lenght, quality and price) , was in the market.

at this price point, it's a wondeful little lense.

fun to use it.

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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4-5.6 R
Telephoto zoom lens • Micro Four Thirds • V315030SU000
Announced: Jun 30, 2011
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Albert Valentino Veteran Member • Posts: 8,793
Re: Wow... cheap but good !

This lens is considered one of the best deals in the m43 lineup 👍

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Wayne Beaumont Regular Member • Posts: 177
Re: Wow... cheap but good !

I picked this lens up for $99USD brand new. It would be an absolute gem at several times that price.

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HRC2016 Senior Member • Posts: 5,987
Re: Wow... cheap but good !

I had it and sold it. The IQ was horrendous and it wasn't worth the shelf space.  As a starter lens, fine. But for someone who has a few lenses, save your money.

When people look at my pictures they never ask the cost of the lens.

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mring1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,404
This lens is almost unique...

In that it made the transition from 4/3s to m4/3s with it's reputation for value and IQ undiminished. I got mine for $99 four years ago, and while I dont use it as much now as before, I have no qualms about taking it anywhere save a low light situation. It's too good NOT to have.

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sillycornlotty Regular Member • Posts: 109
Re: Wow...bang for the bucks!

I had one, an older version, sold it as I rarely use.

Then bought it again for 35USD used.

Now I know this lens will be with me as long em-10 still alive.

The lens is the only thing in M43 that packs professional grade sharpness at dirt cheap price. The only drawback is tele-photo not something you use everyday.

I like using 40-150mm for street photography setting, as you never worried getting too close to your subject.

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Lu1Wang Senior Member • Posts: 1,908
Re: Wow... cheap but good !

Even though I don't use it anymore, but I still keep it  as a demo lens for those whom are curious about M4/3 system and wish to take a look. It never ceases to impress due to its price, size and reach.

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Space the final frontier Contributing Member • Posts: 986
Re: Wow... cheap but good !

I had it and sold it not because it was bad, I just have other options. It is actually quite good especially for the price. I am actually seriously considering buying one for situations that I want an inexpensive lens but don't need long FL.

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