Is it worth to buy windows mobiles in 2017 with the ONLY purpose to make MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT !!

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Kishore Kumar
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Is it worth to buy windows mobiles in 2017 with the ONLY purpose to make MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT !!

Hi to all forum mates,

Is it worth buying a windows mobile at this time if the purpose is just to make my music videos of broadcast quality which I guess the device has!!

Secondly also aware and suggest a couple of windows mobiles/androids that really fulfills my music making need  when it comes to video exposure not as live performance but all of the work will be carried out in the post production.

Also inform if they have movie editing tools or apps and if they do not have can one use third party app?

Love to all forum mates with lot of blessings for those who will participate answering to this thread posting of mine.


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Re: Is it worth to buy windows mobiles in 2017 with the ONLY purpose to make MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT !!

Yes, it's worth it. Currently prices of 950XL are so low (if findable anyway) that's is just worth it.


- battery may be old. In such a case, you may see something like phone restart after taking a photo with flash (but without - it's ok), or typical battery draining with movie recording.

- no other cons.


- image stabilisation (I'm comparing with Huawei P20 pro - there's basically none, not counting this one in fHD@30 fps, which is just a... lol)

- if you manually focus, it's holding your manually entered focus point... which is not so obvious with i.e. H20Pro (ok, Huawei it's just ignoring what you do)

- really good night performance (better than this one above)

- probably some more thing.

I really don't know how would 950 compare to H20Pro at DxO review, but as a user of H20Pro as a everyday phone and camera - I'm disappointed. And really don't know, why it got so high rates. At this point I must admit that the last patch really improved some things in Huawei. Maybe some day it will be something good. For now, it isn't.

One thing is you'd have to check if software on 950 is up to date. When it was released, and some copies may still be mint, it was crap a bit - phone would get really hot, turned off, drain battery just because etc. But as usual, after some months of Windows Update, it eventually got be useful piece of gear.

Done with Lumia:

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my Lumia 950 never ceases to amaze me

for capturing videos with sound it is truly a remarkable tool, particularly if capturing for the web & if you have access to decent video editing software

links with PC perfectly

outstanding sound & video capture, even in lousy light, but you have to learn how to use this serious tool

they can be had at a marked reduction in price, but I do not regret for a moment having purchased mine within days of its availability to replace my Fablet

wish MS would develop a clamshell, like the HP Veer, still my favorite smartphone

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As another live example of 950xl and H20pro performance:

In this one, you may want focus on sound (as video was cropped, panned, processed and so on). From 0:00 to something around 9:30 you may hear 950xl. From 9:30, it's H20pro recording. For my taste, Lumia's sound is more balanced, and for H20pro is somewhat bit too middle and distorted, which sounds just crappy and cheap. Unfortunately I've already deleted sources, otherwise I would compare waves.

Movies (except the very first one shot in 4k and downscaled) all was shot in fHD.

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