Soft pouch for X100F+ JJC LH JX100 II

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Soft pouch for X100F+ JJC LH JX100 II


I have tried to post the following question in the "Accessories Forum", but unfortunately I have not received any reply. I would like to therefore ask the same question here, I hope I am not violating any rules concerning double posting in different forums.

I am looking for a soft pouch for my wife's new Fuji X100F, which will be fitted with lens hood JJC LH-JX100 II. She prefers a soft pouch such that the original Fuji strap can be used while the body is covered, similar to her previous camera shown below.

previous camera+pouch, with original camera strap freely dangling outside the pouch

I know there are some vendors like Mega Gear and OP/Tech, but I am not sure they fit the camera+lens hood (and my wife dislikes the glaring "MegaGear" logo on the pouch). May I know if you have any experience on finding a pouch that can fit the camera+lens hood ?

Thank you very much for your suggestions in advance.

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Fujifilm X100F
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Re: Soft pouch for X100F+ JJC LH JX100 II

I have an X100T, not an X100F, and I use the older Mk I JJC hood (the one with the slits in it), but it all fits inside an Optech SoftPouch (SLR) Manual. This is not one of the D-series digital pouches, btw. The fit is pretty tight--tight enough that I sometimes remove hood and place it backwards around the lens, to take up less space, but the neoprene stretches over time.

The Rangefinder pouch might be a better fit if you think the Manual might be too tight.

The SLR manual is 5.5” x 3” x 3.75”; the Rangefinder is 5.75” x 3.1” x 4”.

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Re: Soft pouch for X100F+ JJC LH JX100 II

I have the Optech Digital D-Compact which is a great fit, see my earlier post:

I'm not using the JJC hood but a Haoge which is very similar:

I carry my X100F in this pouch daily in various bags and it's been well protected so far.

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Re: Soft pouch for X100F+ JJC LH JX100 II

thank you for the reply, it seems OP/Tech is the only one selling the soft pouch that may fit the camera... I will take a look around in Amazon UK or DE to find it.

thanks again!

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Artisan and Artist have one

The other option is to have a leather one custom made on ETSY which is what I am doing.

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