Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

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j0k0b New Member • Posts: 8
Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

Hi Guys,

I think that this camera is amazing, but I'd welcome some more customisation options.

  • custom mapping of all buttons.
  • customised folder or naming
  • other tweaks which could be done via software update (list yours?)

So, I'm exploring options on altering the firmware and found some resources: (slightly updated code in my repo:

Long story short: I am not sure if Ricoh is going to update this camera range or release any great firmware updates. It's a great camera which could be amazing with some little tweaks. Some of the wishlist items could be theoretically achieved by some tweaking of the software. To do that:

  1. We need to be able to decompile correctly the available firmware
  2. be able to alter it and connect what changes affect which functionality
  3. be able to compile our own version

The code I referenced on top is not 100% working (some code is readable, some is still obfuscated, so additional work will be needed). I am regrettably not a crypto analytic, but I can code, so once the above 3 points are sorted modification of the code should be quite straightforward.

I am posting here to see if there is support for such an idea and endeavour.

If yes, and if there is someone with such skill set available in this sub willing to work on this, then great. Otherwise we could post a bounty / ask on other subs or websites for help.

I've quickly created a small survey to see how many of you would like to support this:

So, let me know guys what you think!

Cheers, Jokob

schaki Senior Member • Posts: 2,375
Re: Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

Even though I don't have a GR myself I appreciate this initiave a lot.

There is at least two other forums in which I think it may be worthwhile for you to spread this. and the major Flickr-group for GR and GRII.

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berni29 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,119
Re: Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking


People love this sort of thing, and I remember some great hacks being available for the Pana GH1, but for the GR I am not so sure there is a big enough community to warrant the effort. Also there is the ever present risk of camera bricking with such modifications.

Best of luck though!

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OP j0k0b New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking


Hmmm I was thinking the same but truthfully, if I find 5 other people to chip in I'd already be motivated to commit to it.


rondom Veteran Member • Posts: 3,466
Re: Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

I answered the survey. What an excellent project and wonderful fresh air for DUSTY forum. Best of luck.

Najinsky Veteran Member • Posts: 5,739
Yes and No

In principle I like things like this and could be interested to get onboard to some degree.

I don't like the idea of modifying the firmware and would much rather see the approach taken by CHDK and Magic Lantern for Canon cameras where the hacks/extra functionality run side by side with the original firmware.

Modifying and recompiling the firmware is a high risk strategy; more risky legally and a higher risk of bricking the camera or even physically damaging it (for example inadvertently disabling thermal monitoring could theoretically lead to the camera getting fried).

I also don't see how the firmware could be sufficiently reverse engineered to contemplate even just recompiling, let alone modifying it. Firmware analysis is usually looking for specific jump points and parameter settings to tap into in someway and even just this can be a very lengthy endeavor.

I was intending to get a GR, but I am now contemplating the new Canon G1X.3 so I may not end up with a GR. If I go for the Canon I'm intending to take a more active interest in CHDK, but even then, I'd be happy to see if there anything I could offer to this Ricoh project, although I'd strongly advocate taking a CHDK approach.

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rondom Veteran Member • Posts: 3,466
Re: Yes and No

Najinsky wrote:

I don't like the idea of modifying the firmware and would much rather see the approach taken by CHDK and Magic Lantern for Canon cameras where the hacks/extra functionality run side by side with the original firmware.

Excellent point.

i hope this project gets the support it deserves.

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