How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

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How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

I'm sold on mirrorless technology and almost ready do dive into Sony.  But when researching wireless flash systems for Sony, a good chunk of what I've read is horror stories.  First their highest power flash has over-heating problems and wireless issues.  Then I read that the pin design has flaws.  Then I see I can pre-order the new Flashpoint transmitter, but only for Canon and Nikon (the old one has complaints).  Then I read that certain Flashpoint lights for Sony have problems with TTL and HSS (update this, try this setting, still not working then try this, etc.).

On the other hand, Canon and Nikon have a full-gamut of options.  So are these things I'm reading the Sony hotshoe design old and overblown?

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Re: How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

I use godox, yongnuo, and pcb Einsteins with my A7RII, and the only issue I've had is with the cybercommander rebooting the einsteins when used on camera.

The TTL, and HSS on the godox speed light work fine on camera, I've only used it as a manual flash off camera.

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Flashpoint/Godox wireless TTL does not work with Sony A7x with wide aperture

If you try to use aperture brighter than F4, the TTL underexposes the images. The larger the aperture, the serious the problem is. This applies to AD600, AD200, and V860II. They also have color shifting problems with one uses 1/128 power. Other than these, they work pretty good.

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Re: How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

I'm currently using three HVL-F58AMs controlled by an HVL-F20M on either an a7R II or RX10 III and I don't have any problems at all. Admittedly, I'm working indoors on static subjects but I get excellent exposures almost every time.

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Magnar W
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Re: How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

I have used three Sony F60M for some years now, without problems. Sometimes there is a small delay from the camera release button is pushed until the flashes fires, which can be a bit annoying. I use these flashes with Phottix radio triggers too, no problems.

I have also used Elinchrom studio flashes and Elinchrom battery pack flashes for outdoor work , and Bowens studio flashes without any problem.

I think it is worth to dig a bit into those horror stories to find out what they actually are about.

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Re: How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

Just to give you some insight, Godox (or their rebrands) do have their problems, so I wouldn't aim it all at Sony.

Back in Canon land, the V860II-C & X1T-C both lost a lot of functionality with the 5D4 - all of which couldn't be sorted with firmware. You then had the lottery of trying to find serial numbers, and getting in contact with Godox to check functionality on specific models.

So yes, the Godox system won't be perfect - but it won't be solely down to Sony.

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Re: How bad is wireless flash with Sony?

Ok, all of this sounds pretty reasonable.  My hope is that the camera released on Wed. will be something like the a7RII with dual card slots.  If it's not dual card, then I'll probably try to buy a D850.

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