SC-P600 - Which settings for not printing? To sleep or not?

Started Aug 25, 2017 | Discussions
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SC-P600 - Which settings for not printing? To sleep or not?

I recently got an Epson SC-P600. I'm really enjoying the printing. Really curious which setting is best when not printing to keep the printer in best condition and to save as much ink as possible, by reducing unnecessary ink waste (unnecessary head cleaning processes etc.).

Which options do we have?

  1. Turn the printer off when not in use
  2. Do not turn the printer off, but let it 'sleep' when not in use for a certain time
  3. Do not turn the printer off and do not let it 'sleep'
  4. Other options?

A knowledgable guys (used to have his own printing company) told me to never turn off the printer and also not use the sleep mode (option 3).

That's what it's set to now.
But when I'm going to print, after a week of not printing, I think the printer is taking a pretty long time (2 minutes or so) before actually starting to print. In these 2 minutes, the printer is doing all kinds of stuff, so probably some for of spending ink.

Which setting is best, to keep the printer in good condition and reduce ink waste to a minimum?


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Re: SC-P600 - Which settings for not printing? To sleep or not?

I always turn my SC-P800 off. I did the same with my R1900. I have not had a clog with the P800 yet (but I've only had it for less than a year). Only one serious clog with the R1900 in 9 years. I try to print something at least once every three weeks (but the R1900 has gone without printing for more than a year once). This might not be wise in a hot and dry climate, but just like you I live in a cooler and more humid climate.

The P800 makes some whizzing and whirring sounds on startup, but that does not take long. Once or twice I have heard it do what I think was a cleaning cycle (taking some more time). This printer does not seem to waste a lot of ink on cleaning cycles, I like that.

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