Loss of images.

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Loss of images.


I am new to the site, so, my apologies in advance if I don't follow the correct protocol.

I have a SONY a6000 digital camera, I've had it a couple of years, and it was purchased "USED". It has worked perfectly well, and there have not been any issues at all with it until today, and I'd appreciate any help or advice to overcome my problem.

The problem is, I have attempted to download the images I've taken today, on to my laptop, it downloaded all the images, (137), but in the folder only the first four were viewable, when I attempted to open the others, all I got was an error message, advising that it was unable to open the file, along with the image number type of file, eg DSC04016.jpg We can't open this file.

I have tried opening the images with Microsoft Photos, I've also tried Paint Shop Pro X9, and Nero MediaHome 2017, all with the same result, although the erroe message may differ slightly.

I had the same result when I tried to download them to my wife's laptop.

I tried a replacement memory card, but there was the following message on the screen:-

Image Datacese File Error


Required time: 00:00:12



When you select Enter, the screen clears for a moment, then the message above re-appears.

I would really appreciate any help or assistance to rectify my problem, and also, are my images lost forever.



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Re: Loss of images.

Try to send it to your phone via wifi. Should be ok. If it worked, afterwards, send it from your phone to laptop.

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Re: Loss of images.

Did you connect the camera via cable to the Laptop or did you use a SD-card reader? If the latter, try the former. I also recommend to install the Sony Playmemories Home SW on the latop for the former to copy, it corrects the database info on the SD card if you decide to move (!) the pictures from SD card to laptop - which I would not recommend at the moment.

When you have been able to successfully copy the images, I would also recommend to format the SD card in the camera and possibly buy a new one if you have been using it for a while. SD cards wear out with use.

If using the cable worked, probably the SD card reader you have been using is defective and should be replaced.

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Re: Loss of images.

There are several applications, notably one called "Pandora" https://www.pandorarecovery.com/recover-deleted-photos.html, that can recover deleted photos even after the trash has been emptied. But this is difficult, because they usually find a whole LOT of deleted files that can be difficult to identify, and while some files it locates can be recovered, most cannot because their drive space has already been overwritten. I hope this answers your question, and you get your files back intact.

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