The secret Samyang doesn't want you to know - lens modding

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Re: The secret Samyang doesn't want you to know - lens modding - M4/3 adapter

My m4/3 to Sony E adapter has arrived and it works pretty well:

How it looks

Basic shot to see if there is a light leak and to test the concept. It works!

Thank you for the tip!

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Re: Looks like a machining issue only

Entropy512 wrote:

Hell as it is, I still can't come up with a way to DIY a set of EF spring pin contacts myself, even in a setup with the large delta between EF and E flange distances.

DIY of spring contacts would not be my approach either as there are are a lot of cheap EOS film bodies to cannibalize. Or cheap EOS auto extension tubes to start from.

An older project and no different camera brands data to translate but using an old EOS camera mount + innards at the Sigma macro lens rear side and at the other side my DIY FD-EF adapter with parts + the connector of a belly up EOS lens. Network cable + connectors. Only to activate the aperture of the lens, auto focusing goes the wrong way in this set up. Data translation for a Sony has to be done with the MC-11. adapter. Not tested yet.

I think it is Novoflex that has the only commercial EF auto bellows, at a price.

Today I would have started with two cheap auto EF extension tubes + one FD extension tube from the same manufacturer. Good chance the mount plates can be exchanged. to make an EF>FD and FD>EF adapter. Connecting the data pins running over the length of EF extension tubes is not that difficult with a cable if the pins can still keep their spring function. that way the Sigma could have been used both ways on the bellows.

However it is more likely that I buy a perfect vintage FD mount lens corrected for even higher magnifications and use the "auto" aperture cable control of the bellows + a simple synchron shutter trigger on the A7RII and a more permanent Sony mount on the bellows backside. Auto focusing with beyond 1:1 macro light levels is usually not going well.  A Techart auto focusing adapter at the camera side of the bellows is in theory the best place for focusing in macro work (fixed front position) but the light levels will  not help either then.

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Re: Looks like a machining issue only

i am thinking of going fuji, and have a emount samyang 12m f2, were can i find a x-mount swap? and how much...?

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Re: Useful table but contains errors

Tom Caldwell wrote:

This is a useful adaptability table but contains errors

For example LTM will adapt to NX but LM can only do so if your replace the mount with an LM only one.

LM will adapt to every lens M39 to LM and adapters should all be available despite the author labelling them "-" by which he suggests that it makes no sense so he doesn't know.

Maybe there is a more thoroughly researched table somewhere else.

That's a good looking table at that link.  Now someone needs to expand it with yes blocks being  links to pages that list adapters for sale that fit that category.

I might take a stab at it next week, if the page's source is readable.


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