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Labe Forum Pro • Posts: 12,025

hi all.

As you may have quested I'm new to Panasonic compacts.

Ive done weddings, portraits etc for the last 30 years. I'm getting sick of the bag of glass. I've used multiple systems bla de bla.

im shooting my last wedding in April. I want to get back to JUst  having fun . Minimal kit.

my past kit was Fuji xs1 and x30 for myself.

ive switched to fz1000 and thinking of getting the lx100 as its compliment. I've only had a limited time with it in the past .

Just want to know from users is it still worth the price. Just trying to thin out the kit cheers Paul uk

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don m
don m Senior Member • Posts: 1,233
Re: Lx100?

Just my two cents....   but I find the LX100 a seriously fun camera.  It allows the photographer to select just exactly how he/she wants to approach the subject.  You can select a totally manual approach, a totally automatic approach or anything in between.

Ya Gotta love it!!  It takes some getting used but the end result is a big fat GRIN!

Best To you,


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old jim
old jim Veteran Member • Posts: 4,907
Re: Lx100?

My favorite camera!! You might look at Gatoraied's post LX100 River Walk

Gatoraied • Regular Member • Posts: 215

LX100 River Walk

Warmest regards,

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Old Jim

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Allen in Bethesda, MD Contributing Member • Posts: 577
Re: Lx100?

I concur with the other comments.  I bought the LX100 to compliment my FZ200.  But these days I find myself using the LX100 more.

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David Wyman
David Wyman Contributing Member • Posts: 514
Re: Lx100?

I've got the LX100 and the ZS100. I like the latter for the longer zoom each.  I like the former because of the retro controls and better low light performance (larger sensor and larger f/stop than the ZS100).

If I could have only one, it would be the ZS100. The LX, though, is a wonderful camera.

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Cyril Catt Veteran Member • Posts: 5,117
Re: Lx100?

I found the LX100 an excellent model for direct control of the basic parameters. However, for me, it was just a bit too big and heavy, and the complexity of the interlinkages of its controls was confusing. I gave it to a grandson and reverted to the LX7.

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afragisk Senior Member • Posts: 1,556
Re: Lx100?

Still the smallest package for background blur. Great for short distances, up to say 30ft away. Poor for landscapes, unfortunately.., details get lost from far.

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OP Labe Forum Pro • Posts: 12,025
Thank you all...

for your time and comments. Looks like its worth the price then still.

Cheers Paul UK.

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WaveDancer New Member • Posts: 7
Re: Thank you all...

I'd NOT buy it (or get a cheap 2nd-hand).  A "LX200" is overdue. The lens on the LX100 is NOT high end at all resp. the lens and/or the software do not play very well together. I'd wait or if you can't wait and don't need a view-finder go for the LX10/15. I for myself, as a (amateur) travel and street fotographer keep meanwhile my Fujifilm X100T (with TCL and WCL) + a FZ1000, but would go for a much improved new LX200 if ever available and with 20 MP for stills.

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