CF Card Formatting Issue with Canon 5D Mk IV

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CF Card Formatting Issue with Canon 5D Mk IV

I learned something today...I was having an issue formatting Delkin cards (16GB and 32 GB UDMA 7 Cards, 1050X speed) in my new Canon 5K Mk IV.  The cards formatted fine in a Canon 5D Mk III, in a 1Dx Original and in a 1Dx Mk II, but NOT in a Canon 5K Mk IV.  I was getting messages that the card in slot 1 (the CF slot) could not be accessed, and to either reinsert or format the card.  When I tried to reformat it, I got a message saying the card could not be formatted.  At first, I thought there might be an issue with my camera, since the cards could be read and formatted in the other Canon cameras I mentioned.  I Sent the camera into CPS and they tested it thoroughly.  Nothing wrong with the camera, and they tested my CF cards (I sent in two with my camera) on other cameras.  Sure enough, the cards would not format on another Canon 5D Mk IV, but would format on a Canon 5D Mk III.  The camera shop where I purchased my Canon called Delkin and found out something that neither Canon or my professional camera store knew about -- OLDER DELKIN CARDS NEED A FIRMWARE UPDATE BEFORE THEY WILL WORK IN A CANON 5D Mk IV.  This is an issue ONLY with Canon 5D Mk IVs, no other professional Canon camera.  I am wondering if this could be related to the Dual Pixel capability of the Mk IV, but that is just speculation on my part.  I had never heard of CF cards needing a firmware update, but there you have it.  I called CPS to let them know, so they can spread the word.  My camera store is going to send my older Delkin cards back to Delkin, and they will either update the firmware or send me new cards.  Newer Delkin cards are OK.  It is only if you have older Delkin cards (like I had purchased with my older Canon cameras) that this is an issue.  I thought I would spread the word.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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Re: CF Card Formatting Issue with Canon 5D Mk IV

Sorry for typo, of course I meant 5D not "5K" early in my note...

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