Regarding Exposure Compensation Dial on X-Pro2

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Tony Bonanno
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Regarding Exposure Compensation Dial on X-Pro2

I've been using the X series for many years and in spite of improvements in the tension and position of the exposure compensation dial, I still find that it often gets moved from the position where I thought it was. Often I don't catch the change before shooting several frames. I had hoped that Fuji would provide some kind of lock tab on the dial, but that has not been the case.

There is an option on the X-Pro2 body, while not especially elegant, does solve the problem when I'm street shooting (at least for me). If you set the dial on "C", it transfers the function to the front thumbwheel and allows you a +5 to -5 Exp Comp setting. Push the front dial "in" to activate the exposure compensation function, push the front dial "in" again to lock it so it will not change should the front dial get turned. Obviously, you have to have exp comp displayed in the EVF and OVF so you can see what you are doing. The next step is to "lock" the top plate exp comp dial at the "C" setting by using tape, etc. to keep the top dial from moving off the "C" function. Well, I did say it wasn't particularly elegant :-). But at least it solves the problem of the exp comp dial accidently moving.

It's ashame Fuji has not come up with a way to prevent the dedicated exposure compensation dial from turning so easily. Probably not an issue in the studio, etc, but other types of shooting it continues to be a problem IMO. Especially on a camera that is targeted to street shooters and PJ type activity.

In spite of a few little issues like the exposure compensation dial, I am finding the X-Pro2 to be the most enjoyable Fuji yet.  Very impressed overall.  It is darn close to everything I could have ever wanted in a rangefinder style X body.

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Re: Regarding Exposure Compensation Dial on X-Pro2

Hi Tony. Thanks for the great suggestion. I just got my XP2 last week and I am loving it. You are spot on about the Exp. Compensation dial and I pretty much had resigned myself to silent frustration. I found your post while looking for an explanation of the "C" on the dial.

On a personal note, might you be The photographer I met years ago in the company of Mr. L. Fontana originally of Brooklyn, the S.E. Asia war games and then Albq.?

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