Farewell to ConanFuji

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RuthC Contributing Member • Posts: 614
Farewell to ConanFuji

For reasons best known to ConanFuji/ConanFujiX himself, he has closed his membership of the DPR community, and ended his long-serving hosting of hundreds of challenges. He was a very private man, and few people knew the man behind the facade.

I think most would agree that he was at times a very difficult person to relate to: acerbic, controversial, impolite, combative.....

Yet his challenges were very popular, and their subjects very diverse and thought-provoking. Through his challenge rules, he tried to raise the bar to encourage better quality entries, and I think he succeeded in doing so.

He will be missed in these DPR circles, and I will personally miss him as a fellow host. I send him my best wishes for a bright future wherever he is.


cjf2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,151
Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

Yes Ruth I'd like to say goodbye to him and to thank him for his challenges that helped widen my interest in photographic subjects and post processing. I hope he is alright as he did seem to go rather off the rails more recently.

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Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

I won't even pretend to miss him. I can put up with candor but not blunt rudeness.

barb_s Contributing Member • Posts: 919
Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

I also wish him well. He definitely gave us some very interesting challenges.  Who knows,  we all may meet sometime and find we like each other in person!

Thank you for mentioning this Ruth.

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SamTrekker Regular Member • Posts: 204
Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

Well said Ruth!  One can tell something was amiss when his sheep/lamb template challenge started popping up like wild daisies 😉  Will miss his 'acerbic' comments...

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ysal Veteran Member • Posts: 8,769
Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

Phew.  I thought he passed away when I saw the title.

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billythek Veteran Member • Posts: 5,260
Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

Wow, looks like his posts and threads are gone, too.  At least I didn't find any.  But he left us with this as a going away present:


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- Bill

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Re: Farewell to ConanFuji

With all possible respect to the OP, I would submit for your consideration my personal opinion that hosting good challenges (which in his case I feel is up for debate) does not make up for behaving like an ass.

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