Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

Jacobite wrote:

Have a look at Photo Mate R2. You'll find it on Google play. I think I paid about three quid for it.

That looks very interesting if I decide to go with Android, but I might need a separate file manager to handle the backup.

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

My advice is to simply buy more cards (I buy SanDisk only) and an iPad mini 4 and don't worry about backups while traveling. Treat the cards as film cartridges. Why the iPad mini 4? Well aside from being a great traveling tablet, it will also allow you to preview your images on its fantastic display with the card reader adapter, if you want.

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

Chris R-UK wrote:

photofreak985 wrote:

I use an Android tablet and a windows laptop. Apart from relying on backup on other storage devices, I also keep my work on Dropbox as a safety measure.

Can you actually backup on the tablet? The only other comment on Android tablets in this thread says that it is very difficult.

At the moment I am looking at Windows tablets since they seem to be the only practical option for backing up onto a Micro SD card.

Sorry, Just read your Post Now. I usually use my Windows Laptop and my Laptop consists of huge collection Photos and Video files. Tablet, Yes you are right, I do not rely on it for a permanent backup.

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

Why did so much of this thread get deleted? Some of it was useful information.

You can easily use a lot of android tablets for backing up using an OTG cable, an SD card reader and an onboard micro SD (which with modern tablets can be up to 200GB).

I personally backup when travelling, occasionally using such a system incase of camera loss (down a crevasse whilst mountaineering etc) or theft.

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