Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

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squeezil1 Junior Member • Posts: 40
Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I will soon purchase an A7II for a trip to France.  What lens, optically, would be the better on the A7II, the SELP18200, or the SEL24240?  I already own the SELP (using it on my A6000), but I just wonder if the 24240 is the way to go on the FF A7II.

Thanks for any advice.

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Derek Dean
Derek Dean Senior Member • Posts: 2,856
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I don't own either lens, and I've never traveled to France, however, I've read many threads here from folks who have, and I've had plenty of experience traveling other places.

If I had to choose between those two lenses, I'd go for the FE 24-240, otherwise, what's the point of taking a full frame camera.

I've seen several threads from folks who've done entire European vacations with nothing but a 35mm lens on their FF camera, and the results were spectacular. The idea is that less is more, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the beautiful sites you're seeing, and less time worrying about your camera gear. The FE 24-240 is a large and heavy lens.

The most recommended lens that I've seen for traveling is the FE 16-35 f4. Most folks that do take a telephoto lens along, come back saying they hardly ever used it. Some folks combine the 16-35 with the 55mm f1.8 lens for low light capabilities.

Personally, I'd be happy to use the one lens I've had on my A7ii since I bought it, the FE 24-70 f4. It balances well on the camera, and I've worn the combo all day long while walking around, without ever feeling weighed down. Plenty wide for my needs, and with just enough reach to let me reframe shots when needed.

Picking the right lens for YOUR needs, is a very personal thing, and what's right for me might not be right for you. I just wanted to put some other possibilities out there.

By the way, be sure and buy something like the Wasabi wall charger and 2 extra batteries, as the A7ii does go through batteries rather quickly.

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flbrit Veteran Member • Posts: 4,712
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

Just my opinion but I see little point in buying an A7II for a special trip and then using the 18-200 on it. You might as well just take your A6000 and the 18-200. Your suggested use of that lens on the A7II will give you a lower rez image than available with your A6000 and it will be a larger body/lens combination.

I think that plan is a loose loose proposition.

So, if you want full frame benefits, use a FE lens on the A7II.


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mike_j Regular Member • Posts: 305
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

There is not much virtue in using the SELP18200 on the A7 series as you will be cut down to APS format.

Personally I take the A6000 with SELP1650 (just about pocketable) and SEL18200 (does almost everything) when I'm travelling and leave the A7 with its bigger lenses at home. One small bag, minimum hassle.

Jeff2013 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,057
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I went to Italy, last year, and left all my gear at home and just took an RX1R (with electronic viewfinder). With 35mm, f2, I could shot indoors, outdoors and night-time, hand-held. You can go to my website and click on the Italy link to see the photos. As a photographer who typically has his bag filled with lenses, I was a bit nervous when I left on the trip with just a pocket camera, but was actually really pleased with the results. I think that shooting a single FL made me a better photographer by the end of the trip.

The main problem with the lenses you mentioned is that they are too slow to be useful in all shooting conditions - particularly since tripods are banned in most areas. I just returned from a trip to Ireland where I used my new A7RII with the FE 16-35mm f4 for outdoors and the FE 35mm f1.4 for indoor and night shooting. I also took the FE 70-200mm f4, but seldom used it, except for portraits of my wife.

I was just reviewing my shots from the trip. The two main lenses I used were absolutely killer-sharp!

The bottom line - take a fast wide-angle lens with you, if nothing else. A relatively inexpensive solution would be the Sony FE 28mm f2, along with your zoom lens (but not the SELP18200).

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cosmo08 Regular Member • Posts: 167
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I guess everything depends on how often in real life you make photos at 200mm or 300mm, and whether you prefer to do it in daylight or at night. This year I bought A7ii, 28mm F2 and 55mm F1.8. I was in several different countries. My preference was to be able to make photos late in the evening.  I found that about 70% of my photos during these travels were taken by the cheap lens 28mm f2, see e.g.

Sometimes I was craving for greater flexibility, but all in all I was very happy with this simple arrangement. But your preferences may be very different.

Best wishes


Rich Gibson
Rich Gibson Veteran Member • Posts: 3,378
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I've owned both the A6000 and the A7II, the 18-200 and the 24-240. I've also been to Paris. I used the 18-200 on my NEX-7 on the Paris trip and used the long end a lot. As a matter of fact despite having three lenses on that trip I kept the 18-200 on it the entire time. Given another trip to Paris it would definitely be the A7II and the 24-240. The cathedrals and the tall architecture beg to have the long reach used.


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Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

If you like narrow, crowded streets, the 16-35 would be far more useful than a tele zoom. Add to this a prime of your choice.

I did a trip to Barcelona this Summer with nothing but A7ii and 35/2.8 - perfect combo. Sometimes less is more. Much more!

Carl Crumley
Carl Crumley Regular Member • Posts: 364
Re: Travel lens for A7II - SELP18200 or SEL2420?

I have the 24-240 on my A7Rii and I love it. I don't know why it's rated not-so-high since I find it to be sharp at all focal lengths and I've yet to see any chromatic aberration. It's heavy, but it's a beauty.

Carl (Rochester, New York)

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