Photoshop/Lightroom Pattern Noise Issue

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Photoshop/Lightroom Pattern Noise Issue


I'm having an issue with photoshop (cs6) and lightroom (5.7) whereby pattern noise which is not in the original image file becomes apparent. i assumed it was a resizing issue but the bottom image shows that not to be true. is this a bug? any ideas on how to avoid it?

RAW edit in Lightroom, Exported to Photoshop - see grid pattern faintly (more noticeable in the sky)

RAW edit in Lightroom, Exported to Photoshop - gain brought up to show grid noise pattern all over image

Exported directly out of Lightroom - gain brought up to show no pattern in the noise

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Re: Photoshop/Lightroom Pattern Noise Issue

Do you see this behavior with all photos?

I think I've seen this before with underexposed photos or areas of shadow which were lightened excessively.

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Re: Photoshop/Lightroom Pattern Noise Issue

The above is a random shot with the lens cap on and processed in Lightroom. This is not a picture of the bottom of the lens cap. It is electronic noise from the sensor and associated circuitry. This would never be visible in a properly exposed and processed picture. The pattern that is seen here is likely a characteristic of the sensors design. Some things are and should stay hidden.


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