Can't sell my X-E2- am I missing something?

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Re: Sal Baker: by your own logic, you're better off buying X-M1

007peter wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

007peter wrote:

I disagree, Fuji camera hold it value rather well compare to Sony NEX or any micro43.

Unfortunatley for X-E2, it was easily overshadowed by the vastly superior X-T1 in barely 2 months. Many X-E1 owner upgrade straight to X-T1 bypassing X-E2 all together. The speed improvement from X-E1 to X-E2 didn't justified the price tag. Where as X-T1 is vastly quicker to AF than X-E1, making it the most desirable Fuji camera.

With X-T1, the world doesn't really need a X-E2.

  • X-T1 on the high-end
  • X-M1 on the middle
  • X-A1 on the low-end

I"m not sure where X-E2 fits in anymore. I do not see a need for a X-E3 at all.

One would think the "overshadowed" camera wouldn't have the exact same image quality, S-AF speed, shutter lag, same EVF refresh rate, same DR, same JPEG engine, same processor and sensor than the "superior" camera.

Perhaps a superlative recalibration is in order?


Not at all SAL. By your own FLAW logic, you might as well buy the cheaper X-M1 as it share the EXACT SAME IMAGE QUALITY. X-T1 is just a much better camera than X-E2. As an X-E2 owner, I can see how you're offended by my comment. Take it up with Fuji management with your complain. Fuji lineup makes it foolish buying X-E2 over X-T1.

+1. Good point, totally agree.

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Re: Can't sell my X-E2- am I missing something?

Got it. Glad he got it sold.

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