FZ1000 a few samples and use of RAW

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FZ1000 a few samples and use of RAW

OK this is my first posts on this forum having just recently purchased the FZ1000 having upgraded from a FZ150. I am also starting to do RAW processing now using Adobe Lightroom for the first time having only done JPEG previously with FZ150.

Initially I struggled with RAW as default adobe camera colour calibration looked so dull and washed out and struggled to get photos to look as punchy as OOC JPEGs . However I then discovered Huelight Camera profiles who recently added FZ1000 to list and I must say it has made a big difference using these colour profilles as now much simpler to get good accurate colours from RAW


I would recommend these calibration files as they make it much easier trying to get good colours

Anyhow I have posted a few samples of my first few shots and am delighted with the sharpness and colour of the images and lack of noise compared to old FZ150 - these are all straight from camera with some basic RAW processing The only odd ones are the extreme close of of flowers and hover fly which I took using Raynox DCR-150 attached . I would say these were both approx 8mm in size so pretty tiny. Impossible to get fully in focus due to tiny DOF mind you

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Re: FZ1000 a few samples and use of RAW

Thanks for sharing photos & information.

Could you post images comparing huelight against LR color profiles?

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Re: FZ1000 a few samples and use of RAW

Thanks oldman3 for shearing with us your experience and thanks the information!

I will try to see if better, thanks again.

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halfwaythere Contributing Member • Posts: 892
Re: FZ1000 a few samples and use of RAW

These are probably some of the best samples I've seen from the Fz1000 so far. The DOF seems plenty even with the "huge" F8 aperture.

Julius Contributing Member • Posts: 864
Excellent sharpness and colors.


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Re: Excellent sharpness and colors.

Excellent shots, great composition, great IQ.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

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