Lens error fix

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tomhongkong Veteran Member • Posts: 3,620
Lens error fix

I have a 10-100 non PD and after using it for a while got the 'lens error' message. I sent it back to Cameta and it was fixed and returned within a couple of days. (I hope, as it has gone to my son's place in Connecticut and I won't see it again until Christmas) Good service on their part, and I wondered how they could fix it so quickly

Then I see this post, saying that light tapping is all that is needed to fix it (unsticking something mechanical?)


Perhaps that is all that is needed and all that Cameta did?

Has anyone else tried this? It might save a lot of postage and being without a useful lens for a couple of weeks.


D300SandV1shooter Senior Member • Posts: 2,238
Re: Lens error fix

Seems obvious to me to try a ‘light tapping’ (and equally obviously, not to inflict anything approaching impact damage in so doing) with most largely non-digital devices with parts that might get stuck, before sending them away.

A good kick on the side often used to sort out flickering analogue TV screens, sputtering pumps or jammed lawn mowers - but light tapping is certainly a more appropriate treatment for a lens.

Mahmoud Mousef Senior Member • Posts: 2,604
Re: Lens error fix

did you check the serial number before sending back? maybe it was replaced.

I'd love to know what causes these lens errors from someone involved in repair.

OP tomhongkong Veteran Member • Posts: 3,620
Re: Lens error fix

I won't know if it was changed until I get back to US. If not it must be a very easy thing to fix...hence my question about it


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