Question about dslr covers

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Diogomp New Member • Posts: 9
Question about dslr covers

Hey there. First of all this is my first post on this forum, and I hope to get some help from you guys.

I recently acquired a Canon 6D and since I am carefree some times I am thinking of buying a dslr cover. It's basically a body protection cover made in a material similar to rubber. The idea is to protect it from scratches and small bangs. My question is, will using this type of cover damage the camera's paint? From the friction between the case and the camera I guess there's a change for it to create some damage.

I will post a image here so you guys have an idea of what I'm talking about:

Thank you.

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csa2 Contributing Member • Posts: 692
Re: Question about dslr covers

I've not seen this type of cover, but if it fits snug, I don't see where it would cause damage to the paint on your camera.  It's probably made of neoprene, and that's pretty soft.

BTW, Welcome to the forums!

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Cliff Fujii
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Re: Question about dslr covers

I don't think it will hurt anything as long as none of the doors are blocked and that you have no issues with the tripod socket.  If you decide to get an Arca Swiss compatible L plate, it might cause some issues.

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Re: Question about dslr covers

Unless you plan to do something massively dangerous with your camera, don't waste your money. I'm a photojournalist and have worked with other pros all my life and never seen anyone use one of these. When I upgrade my cameras after a few years, they generally still look pretty darn good. Cameras are much tougher than most folks realize.

I suspect that, even if the cover fits properly, it will interfere with the handling and you will get sick of it in a week or two.

My two cents.

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