As much as I want an OMD......

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WirenL Senior Member • Posts: 1,509
As much as I want an OMD......

I am still so impressed by what my old E-3 can do!

Image of my beautiful wife at the coast from this weekend... and then one of the two of us that our son snapped for us.

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Lee Wiren

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Re: As much as I want an OMD......

It's certainly true that good cameras don't become bad cameras when better cameras come along. If it does everything you need, then you don't need a new camera. (To be safe, stay out of the shops, however. )



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"Whiskey is for drinking, digicams are for fighting over."
—Mark Twain

Michael M Fliegel
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Re: As much as I want an OMD......

Enjoy your gear and take pictures.  Photography should be fun and not a chase for new gear.  (I do love my EM1!)

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Joe Lynch Senior Member • Posts: 1,398
Re: As much as I want an OMD......

I agree completely.  I have two E-3 bodies and still use one in the shop with a 50 macro lens and various flash gear for taking machinery and firearm parts shots.  Every time I want a new piece of gear I go back and look at some C5050 photos and remember how happy I was with them at the time.  It's all relative.  But, just like DOS, Windows 3.1, things evolve, new capabilities are available, in smaller and lighter packages, so I will surrender and buy, even when I don't NEED to.

It's all good.  I'm using the lenses I got with an E-500 on my E-M1 and having a ball in low light with movies.  But, in good light, for stills, many of the older cameras still do an excellent job, especially the E-3 and E-5.  I have to admit to not firing up the E-500 in a few years.


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Re: As much as I want an OMD......

I agree, it's not the camera model but the results you get.  If you like the results and they are consistent, reproducible and look great (which yours do) then stick with what you have.  I, too, have an older Oly e500 and the only reason I don't use it is that it's just too big to lug around.  I was never dissatisfied with the IQ...Looking forward to seeing what a more compact EM-5 can do...

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Roger Engelken
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Re: As much as I want an OMD......

For many of the same reasons I have kept my E-5, E-1, E-30, E-620 and even E-420.  Of course, I also have the E-M1.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.....I remain in denial....not sure of what though.  

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