Samsung S5 location (GPS) data

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Samsung S5 location (GPS) data

I just noticed my new Samsung S5 is not recording location data. I've looked at photos both on the phone and after copying to my windows PC (via usb cable, no fancy apps that could be stripping exif) and there is no GPS data in the exif data.  Location is turned on in general in my phone and I cannot find anywhere to control this within the camera app itself.

I have an iPhone also and it reports GPS info just fine.

Any ideas what may be going on?

OP Steerpike Regular Member • Posts: 104
Re: Samsung S5 location (GPS) data

No sooner did I post this, I found the answer! The stupid 'settings' menu on the phone is a scrolling menu, even though the settings do not fill the screen. The settings icons perfectly fill the space allocated to the icons, so no visual cue that there are more icons to be had by scrolling.  Unbelievable!  I did notice, after figuring this out, there is a faint scroll bar to the right that indicates relative position within the entire window ... but why oh why do they not make it more obvious!

Anyway by scrolling down I was able to locate the 'location tags' item.

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Re: Samsung S5 location (GPS) data

Thank you pal, I was googling 20 minutes until I've found your answer here :-D! Really totally stupid GUI!!! Cheers, Andrej

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