The Future of DSLR's

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Bora Cyprus
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The Future of DSLR's

The question must be ticking in the minds of big players out there like Canon and Nikon. Recent development of compact cameras and their ability to compete with DSLR's image quality is forcing these players to think in this direction. Well, the question is - What will be the future of DSLR's as the compact system is emerging very rapidly ?

We recently saw the big move by Sony in form of RX1. This little camera has the better image quality than all of the big APS-C DSLR's and can compete with FF as well. Now it is expected that this camera will be costly. There are some reviews which shows the super powers of this little supercam. Other than the RX1, there are other cameras like fuji x100, Sony NEX series, Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3 which seriously challenge DSLR's market. I have a Canon 60D and I am thinking to shift to compact system because of the bulk it causes.

For sure Canon and Nikon realize it by now. Their entry in CSC market shows their worries. In CSC market, they are not the bosses anymore. Here, the big players are Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic. But Canon and Nikon has the capability to produce decent CSC. They have to accept the fact that the future is in CSC not in big and chunky DSLR's. I hope it will not be too late for them to accept this simple fact.

I give credit to Sony to revolutionized the compact market. Their NEX series is very popular among amateurs and pro too. It will be no surprise if Sony takes the place of Canon in near future. Canon, time to wake up!!

Talking about the future compact cameras, we hope to see more exciting and more capable cameras in near future. Sony NEX series might upgrade to FF in coming years. Or Sony RX1 will have a successor that have EVF or can change lens. Bold moves from Sony are always interesting and very well welcomed.
Olympus, the major player in CSC will give us some more cameras based on OM-D. At least I hope this. Panasonic GH series will evolve more and will be favored by movie makers.
Fuji, another awesome camera maker can give us FF brother of x100, may be with interchangeable lens system or fixed or both. I would like to see a full frame fuji x200

Now apart from all the above compact camera makers, I have a a lot of expectations from Ricoh, the company which recently acquired Pentax. The GRD series and GXR system from Ricoh was a serious move. I hope and want to see at least APS-C member of GRD series anytime soon. May be GRD-V . The GXR series can evolve into interchangeable lens system rather than interchangeable sensor/lens system or may be we will see a fixed lens FF version of GXR series. I bet that will be hugely successful.

And about Canon/Nikon CSC future cameras? Not sure if they will make better CSC than their existing DLSR's. If they will still believe in developing DSLR's rather than CSC's I think they should start counting days before Sony shows them the exit door

-Kuldeep Bora
( A camera enthusiast)

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Re: The Future of DSLR's

Sony is doing it great, but the fact that is sticking with SLT limits a lot the market... For me it will be like que cars, little details here and there will make the difference, for example the wi-fi and GPS buit-in. Aso the ASP-C cameras will die in the near future, but I see pentax, olimpus, fuji, etc... Having exactly the same market than today, I only see Nikon dominating the market, sony being the king of the prosumers and cannon in a kind of limbo living from the loyal owners.

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Re: The Future of DSLR's


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