Perfect Camera - An illusion?

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Perfect Camera - An illusion?

They will never make a prefect camera ever. They are absolutely  able to make. I am talking about the big players (Canon / Nikon) in the market. They won't make it because it will effect sales of their other models.

Cameras like D4 and 1DX are not a perfect camera. Yes they can perform in any situation but their size is a killer. People wants smaller package. If the qualities of 1DX are pour into a compact camera like OM-D then even the wildlife and sports photographers would happily buy it as their main camera.

In big DSLR's the only qualities I like the most is their battery power and the optical view-finder. And yes the big body provides better ergonomics to hold the camera. But it can be implemented in smaller body also. The battery problem in compact cameras can be improved by adding an optical view-finder instead of EVF that will save the battery power. Or alternative solution is to provide 2-3 batteries with a charger that can charge 2-3 batteries simultaneously (like with D4 charger)

Ok, the perfect camera will be an interchangeable lens compact camera. Fixed lens camera will limit the user in many ways. Sony RX1 is hell of camera but  not good for every situation. Canon G1X is also close but it has limitations too. Sony will release their FF NEX in 2013 end perhaps and that will be close to the perfection I guess. I see the olympus OM-D as the only camera near perfection today because of its built, performance and small size. A separate hand and battery grip is a clever solution. You see, that should be the right path to make a perfect solution. Make a small superb camera and provide other support as an option so that people who need it, will buy it. Sony wis following same direction. The DSLR is big and heavy because it contains everything in one body and not every person likes it.

So a FF NEX won't effect the sales of Sony's other models? No, it won't because the price of FF NEX will be so high, that not everyone will buy it. Other people will be happy with entry level APS-C NEX.

And guess what?, the FF NEX won't be perfect camera for many people because of its price . For Rich people, yes we might say it will be a perfect camera.

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