ISO auto logic and D4S question on ISO

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ISO auto logic and D4S question on ISO

Hi guys

Example Settings below:

A mode.  ISO sensitivity 100,  Auto ISO sensitiviy On

Maximum Sensitivity : 10000,  Min shutter speed: 1/200

Does that mean that when I take a picture,

It'll calculate based on my Aperture AND Min Shutter speed, what ISO is required first...

And IF in case the ISO required is higher than the Max I set, it'll then use that max ISO and also adjust the shutter speed accordingly ?

Just noticed that whenever i set it to auto, the ISO tends to end up near the higher end even at dim daylight  in my house .

For D4S users, what max ISO settings from your experience are you comfortable with? I don't mean acceptable image in terms of pushing ISO high in extreme situations that turn out still fine,  but I'm referring to still relatively Good or clean images where people unlikely to notice any noise still .  12800? or 10000, 8000?

Appreciate your kind response. thanks.

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Re: ISO auto logic and D4S question on ISO

The camera will go to your minimum shutter speed first with ISO at 100.

If still underexposed it will raise ISO up to your max.

If still underexposed it will lower shutter speed below the minimum.

I recommend you shoot at various ISO to determine how much noise you find acceptable. I don't worry about it too much and keep my max ISO at 25600 because I prefer a grainy image over a blurred one. If I'm reaching these limits I'll switch to M anyway.

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