Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)

Started Apr 12, 2014 | Discussions
Jon Schick Veteran Member • Posts: 4,135
Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)

Clear night tonight in London so the tripod came out, along with my Tamron 500mm mirror lens (can't bear to sell it) and a Tamron 1.4X Pz AF Teleconverter (as good as everyone says).  It's not a particularly inspiring image, but I think the combination did pretty well:



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MightyMike Forum Pro • Posts: 37,311
Re: Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)

Pretty good Jon, I appreciate you posting this

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Mike from Canada
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KentG Veteran Member • Posts: 4,481
Re: Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)

You will get more detail out of the image if you do it when the Moon is at half moon instead of full moon.

Kent Gittings

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walgarch Regular Member • Posts: 322
Re: Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)


We might see a few more moonshots soon with the eclispe coming up!

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rondeann Veteran Member • Posts: 3,765
Re: Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)

I also think it did very well.

Sergeg Senior Member • Posts: 2,668
Re: Moon shot (Tamron mirror plus 1.4x TC)
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