D600 with a new shutter or D610?

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mjb2 Regular Member • Posts: 153
D600 with a new shutter or D610?

Folks - I'm off to Africa in a few weeks and am going to pick up a second body as (1) backup to my 800e and (2) to have a wider-angle lens/camera combo ready to go. I'm either going to get a D600 or a D610 and after the trip this will probably be my travel camera body.

There are several D600s with low shutter counts for sale in the area including a couple that have been back to Nikon for shutter replacements. Given that this is a backup body, I'd be OK spending $1200 on one of these rather than $1900 on a new D610 as long as I'm comfortable that the Nikon shutter replacement fix has really fixed the oil/flakes problem. Here is what Thom Hogan said:

"In the typical repair report I'm seeing for cameras that have the problem Nikon is replacing the entire shutter mechanism. If that's the case with a camera you send in to Nikon, you should be fine after the repair. I've heard of no cases of repeating debris buildup after a shutter replacement."

Do any of you out there in Dpreview forum land have direct experience with a returned D600 with new shutters and can support or refute Thom's statement?


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Alan Brown
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a rock and a hard place....

you are not giving yourself much time to test a camera out, what ever you buy.

I'd save the money if I had the time beforehand.. but even a new camera needs some testing out before a trip..

God luck either way

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Re: D600 with a new shutter or D610?

My D-600 shutter was replaced last October. I may have about 1000 clicks since that time and so far, so good.  I do not know if this is a good testament for this camera or not.  I have lost confidence in it its performance.

Good Luck,


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onthegofoto New Member • Posts: 11
Re: D600 with a new shutter or D610?

I was in the same dilemma and chose to buy a D600 for around the price you mentioned. The previous owner had just sent it in for shutter replacement.

That was a couple of weeks ago and only time will tell if I made the right decision. So far, I'm very happy.

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Re: D600 with a new shutter or D610?

I don't know how much an African safari costs, but I'm pretty sure it's more than what I pay for my occasional 2 weeks in England.    I'm also assuming this is not something you expect to do again anytime soon.

At that point, it seems to me that since you're looking at a new camera anyway, you might want to give serious consideration to a second new D800 or D800e and be done with it.

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rdhphoto1 Regular Member • Posts: 296
You could always rent a camera......

...for the trip.

Good luck with your photography.

Lab D Veteran Member • Posts: 6,938
How about D600 without a new shutter

You can get a D600 without a new shutter for less money.  Order a sensor wet clean kit to take with you too.   If you don't have any problems, then you end up ahead.  If your sensor gets dirty, you can either clean it in an emergency or send it to Nikon for a free cleaning.  Eventually, and maybe the first time, they will replace the shutter with a new one.  It is nice knowing that sometime in the future you can have the shutter replaced for free, and that is something you won't get with the 2 options you mentioned.

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