Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

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Bob Myers1
Bob Myers1 Forum Pro • Posts: 21,152
Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Well I got my fz200 a few months ago but haven't really gotten control over it yet...but I am closing in LOL

I havent seen many examples of hi speed video since the 200 was introduced...seems as though the feature was a flash in the pan as the handheld nite shot or have I been in the dark concerning either feature ??

This evening is the first time I have tried the hi speed video and I thought it could be a useful feature.

The sun has already set when I started after the hummers so the quality suffers a bit especially the hi-speed video but I dont think it will take much light to bump it up to acceptable levels.

I am about 5 feet from the feeder the feeder hand holding the camera.

I hope I can use you tube .


A still shot gotten while using the standard recording speed ...need more light

standard videos speed:

Hi-speed video:

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cat150 Senior Member • Posts: 2,426
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Great examples of video modes, Nice green images, even if high-speed lose a bit of sharpness! Thanks for sharing

Lumix sempre

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Rodger1943 Forum Pro • Posts: 10,140
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Hi Bob,

I've used the HS video on the FZ200 quite a bit for waterfalls and find it a very handy setting. I have also used it from a moving boat, so that you can see the scenery go past at a slower rate.

The hummers look good in normal and HS. One good/bad thing about the HS video is that the focus is locked. Its good because it won't change on you, its bad because you might want it to change. Ha!

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Castaway Veteran Member • Posts: 4,055
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Great sets Bob, I really enjoyed the high speed (slow motion ) set.

I have had my FZ200 now for 18 months but have hardly used it for video, what are the settings for high speed.

I might give it a try although I hardly know anything about editing and nothing about posting to youtube.

Note:  We don't get too many hummers around here and certainly none this time of year. After a long period of very cold weather we are getting a massive thaw today.

Thanks for posting

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Ronomy Senior Member • Posts: 4,030
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Great subject to use HS video on. Very cool! Thanks for posting. Amazing the wings still look fast even in slowmo. Might be worth trying the even slower setting or faster capture frame rate of 240. Its SD video but still should be pretty cool to watch.

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danielsonkin Forum Pro • Posts: 11,708
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Terrific movie, Bob. What do you have in that feeder - cocaine?  I have never seen so many hummers at one feeder before.  That's amazing. Thanks for posting.


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Gerytal Regular Member • Posts: 220
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Great shot Bob.  I've never seen that many hummers at a feeder before. Good job.


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Sergeg Senior Member • Posts: 2,662
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.


the camera is capable of excellent results, with experience, planning and imagination you will discover this.

For this sequence you had amazing missed opportunities for extreme close ups. Cutting to change shot sizes would add interest, at 5 feet you should be on tripod, change POV so you are not shooting against burnt out sky, and moving background is not cool. You have shot "security camera" footage. Trying new features on cameras should not exclude using creativity and imagination.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, I get frustrated when I see poor tradesmen blaming their tools, which are excellent in the right hands. What a missed opportunity, if only we had Hummers where I live, never seen any in real life. Good luck with it.

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paul katinas
paul katinas Contributing Member • Posts: 514
Re: Hummers and FZ200 video modes.

Nice Bob.

How many different species of Hummingbirds do you spot out there?

We have the Ruby-Throated back east.

Have a creative,peaceful day, Paul

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