Post Processing ,,,,,,SX50 etal

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Post Processing ,,,,,,SX50 etal

I shoot with the SX50 exclusively so thats where my main interest lies ,however, I would like to hear any and all comments you may like to share with other camera image's and PP.

I won't attempt to write down any specifics as there are to many, most of which I don't know about so couldn't ask the question anyway.

I'm sure we all like to make our images really pop so what do you do ,how and why ought to cover it . smile


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Re: Post Processing ,,,,,,SX50 etal

I'm not a photographer, let alone a PP specialist. Until recently I only shot JPEG and the first time I tried JPEG+RAW I was disappointed to lose the i-Contrast and Custom Colors and reverted to JPEG.

Then I decided to take the jump and tried some RAW shooting, working with DPP. I was surprised how easy I could control the noise, sharpness, color, brightness, etc. I was able to get usable images from hopeless originals, like here:

Anyway I'll only buy cameras that can shoot RAW from now on.

I don't know if that could help you, but it's ALL my PP experience.


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Re: Post Processing ,,,,,,SX50 etal


I'm an old timer and started with film rangefinder and SLR cameras (even a 2 1/4 Rollieflex twin lens reflex) and developed and enlarged prints in smelly temporary bathroom darkrooms.  What a mess and chore that was so when digital cameras came along I jumped on board to simplify my life and leave the chemicals and film expense behind and then used DSLRs for the past twelve or so years.  Finally I got so old and tired of lugging all the heavy gear around I sold it and bought the SX50 and really simplified my photo-life.  Of course I've always used Photoshop from the beginning and upgraded every other year through CS5 when Adobe priced me out of their market.  I've always shot film or RAW and always considered post processing as part of the photographic cycle.  Presently I convert RAW with Canon's DPP and processing in PSCS5 which does everything I need in post.  So unless the SX50 craps out I'm set for the rest of my photographic life--will be 77 this year.  You probably can guess that I don't have a smart phone (just a brick for emergencies) or tablet, etc. just a clunky old PC with Windows XP.  I did recently add a laptop with with WIN7 because Microsoft is dropping support for XP this April but still use the PC for post processing.


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Re: Post Processing ,,,,,,SX50 etal

I'm with you on that Auggie,the Raw puts the first step of PP back in our lap.

Murry,speaking of the smelly old chemicals. I remember that well ,my mother was a real estate photographer when I was a little guy and that was a long time ago too. I'm coming up on 78.


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