C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

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C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

I'm one of the happy owners of the SX280. I had it with me on a 2 week trip to Malaysia and used it exclusively (except for the UW shots). I took about 1000 pictures and never had any battery issues. I think the camera served me well. Anyway - I'd really like your honest opinion about the following photos. Which once are boring, which ones are good if any, what could I have done to make them better etc.

We are friends. (Dusky Leaf Monkeys)

A Skink in the rainforest

Dragonfly perched on a branch

Pools overlooking the rainforest

Yummy these berries are good

Finally got a decent shot of the elusive Hornbill

Stay off our home!

Trees of Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

Thanks for looking. I hope the number of images don't exceed some max limit for a thread. If so let me know and I'll remove some.


Ian Abrahamson
Ian Abrahamson Regular Member • Posts: 346
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Those pics are fabulous, that under water shot, top of the pops

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brianj Forum Pro • Posts: 14,657
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

They all look great to me, the SX2xx series make a brilliant travel companion.


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Lightpath48 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,112
Boring? Hardly!

Your photos are wonderful! SX2 _ _ cams have been flying off the shelves for travel/family cams for some time.  They produce very high quality images easily.  But you have demonstrated a real eye for photography.  Well done!  That's the most important part.

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OP J_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: Boring? Hardly!

Thank you all for your kind words!

Gonini Forum Member • Posts: 63
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Great pics.

coody Senior Member • Posts: 1,896
Nice. Will the SX700 be much better?

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racollins Contributing Member • Posts: 597
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia


These are beautiful shots! The SX280 performed beautifully. I am also a fan of the 280 and find it to be a wonderful camera and a lot of fun to use and handle. The only suggestion I would make concerning this series of images is to consider bringing down the highlights just a little in the first picture (on the tree) and maybe open the shadows up a little in the second image. I hesitate to even make those suggestions though because after looking at these and the other shots in your gallery, it's clear that you're an excellent and very talented photographer with a superb eye for great subjects and equally great compositions. Those close-ups are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these, and I hope you continue to add to your gallery because I really enjoyed browsing it.


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OP J_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia


Thank you for your suggestions and kind comments. I agree - your suggestions improves those two photos. I've done the changes on the pics below. Thanks again:

wingei Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

I think for a pocket camera is excellent.

Beautiful mastery. Is there use of a significant zoom?

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Sactojim Veteran Member • Posts: 6,116
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Beautiful series! Lots of very good IQ with nice colors too. I just got back from my annual trip to Mexico and it got down to either the Canon or the Panasonic ZS19. I went with the Panny as Target had it at $149 on sale..too good to pass. I do prefer the Canon colors a little more, but happy with my results. You and your Canon hit these out of the park.

Hollander Senior Member • Posts: 1,370
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

I enjoyed you pictures Jan.

How did you take that under water shot?


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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

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Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Thanks wingei! Yes the Skink, the Dragonfly and the second monkey closeup are all at max (500 mm. eqiv.) zoom.

OP J_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Thank you Sactojim. I just checked your gallery, and you certainly have some excellent photos there yourself!

OP J_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Hi Rob,

The underwater shot was done with my S95 in a RecSea underwater housing while freediving. The Sea anemone and clownfish were at a relatively shallow depth so ambient light + PP was more than enough to bring out the colors. These little buggers are extremely active moving around like crazy, so it's a matter of taking a lot of pictures and hopefully getting them in a good position over the anemone. I should have used a little higher arpeture on that shot because the clownfish on the lower right is a bit out of focus - oh well

Norman B Regular Member • Posts: 300
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

All are very nice. The dragonfly would be my #1 pic.

SX280, the only time people had a problem with the battery was when they used it in video mode as far as I know. People that did not use video had no battery issues and Canon did come up with a fix for this problem. I do not own a 280 but I do believe it to be a very fine go anywhere type camera as well as for traveling.

It will be interesting to see how the new SX700 with its longer range compares.

OP J_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 881
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Thank you Norman. It's true that the battery problems are mostly related to video, but I've read a couple of post where some also have the problem shooting stills. Anyway I don't shoot much video so I'm happy with it.

WB5 Regular Member • Posts: 373
Re: C&C - SX280 goes to Malaysia

Very nice series of pictures. I'm impressed with the photographer and for a small sensor camera, the SX280HS looks like it can get extremely good results.

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