EM5 outdated tech

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Re: EM5 outdated tech

Terry Breedlove wrote:

I loved my em-5 with 17 mm f 1.8 bẻfore it was stolen a couple weeks ago- I would buy another one in a heart beat accept the technology is getting left behind. Even the new baby OMD EM10 has features its big brother EM5 doesn't. Yet I want the weather sealing of the EM5 so the EM10 isn't for me. Problem is i can't see Oly updating the EM5 with wifi and focus peaking etc until they also have a new imaging chip to put in it. I don't see them doing that until the EM-1 has been out for sometime. Maybe a year or more. I do not want the EM-1 because i can get the same iq with the much cheaper EM-5 plus it is ugly. I don't want the EM-10 because of no weather sealing. Any thoughts on the future of the EM-5 update?

I am pretty sure they will release a new OM-D by Photokina, and it should be E-M5 replacement.

Probable updates - TruePic VII, sensor from E-M1, WiFi, 2x2 control, 1Mpix rear screen. Less probable updates - 2.4mpix EVF, new higher-res sensor.

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Re: Stolen in Vietnam?

Small backups are a good idea - my RX100 is mine and it fits in a large jacket pocket or a cargo pants pocket.

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Re: EM5 outdated tech

"Outdated tech" for me is limited to evaluating the sensor, the AF, the metering and the white balance.  WIFI and stuff like that doesn't really concern me; it might come in handy, but it doesn't impact image quality.  The only area where the Oly might be lacking would be tracking AF capability, but it is still pretty competitive with most of what's available in M43 in regard to AF.

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Re: EM5 outdated tech

With my 17mm f1.8 I found the focus to be really quick and really accurate on the EM-5. I just loved that combo.

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