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Re: Phones

i like the isolated primary colors in the scenes, and the similarity between the two protagonists' glasses and cell cases.

i am not a big fan of the green cast and the lack of a shadow floor. i realize that there are instagram-type filters which produce such a look and attribute it to negative film, but actual negative film really doesn't need to look like that. portra has great exposure latitude, but it does need a little bit of actual light to work with...

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consolidated reply to trying on

first off, here are my favorites so far:

love the hands/fingers, though a little stronger black might be in order

maybe shave a little off the right

the pegs through the eyeholes make this for me.

love the bisected child. consider shaving a bit off the top of the frame--maybe down to the top of blond hair on middle left-- for me this makes a big difference.

this one squeaks in on the magic of the seemingly completely different outfits back/front

of two on this subject, i prefer this one. not sure if it makes the cut, but i like the costume on the right very much, and the spacing and expressions are strong.

the rest don't quite make the cut for me. although the shot of the pixie hat lady is marvelous in its own way, i don't think it really fits into this series naturally. likewise, the turtle shell girl has great expression, but i don't quite feel it expresses the same sort of mood.

love seeing them all, though--

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please post new pictures on SPX #86 .

you can post comments on photos already posted and replies to comments here until the thread closes automatically at 150 posts, but feel free to continue discussions in the new thread and link back here to what you're responding to.

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Re: MOMA again

Thank you Chris - I learned a lot from this critique!


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